Da Vinci – The Genius!

13 Jun

Yay went down to Da Vinci The Genius Exhibit @ Singapore Science Centre with Nadnut!



eh no wrong one.




Yeah, I saw, It’s true. Ginger color somemore. hahahaha


This was taken when the place was about to close actually. The security guard uncle refuses to siam even though he knew I was trying to take the pic. ok lor uncle, not my fault u kena exposed for being a perv hor.

Sadly, Cameras were not allowed inside the exhibit. So we couldn’t take any photos. The only one on we could take was one that was OUTSIDE the exhibit,


WINZ! It’s a bridge designed and suggested by Da Vinci for Military personnel to get across rivers swiftly with just tree trunks as raw materials, no screws no bolts no nothing.


Ok la I bruff yang chewren nia la. They have a bigger one on display. haha. –.- Nadnut was saying it would be interesting to DIY and use pick-up-stix to replicate the design. I think toothpicks oso can la.

Overall, Da Vinci the genius was a powerful eye-opener for me. It was my first exhibit, and I have always been interested in things from the Renaissance period. I feel that the exhibit itself helps people to understand in a more in-depth manner why Da Vinci was deemed a Genius by many.

And it’s pretty amazing too, looking at the paintings(most notably the Mona Lisa taken with a 240 megapixel camera) and interacting with some of the replicas made following the designs of Da vinci’s via his journals and notes.

I think it’s pretty worth it. Good for Family outings or just general curiosity. You will leave learning alot more about Da Vinci and why he was deemed a genius.

We left and both of us bought some souvenirs!


Mona Lisa tumbler, they have other designs too, like penis man below(which sadly, has his lower part cropped out tumbler not long enough 😦 )


It’s like a guide book showcasing most of the collections in the exhibit, with descriptions and etc. $20, you get a free bag too. 🙂




Nadnut keeps saying his front legs(or hands) looks dumb cause it’s so tiny. the T-rex rawred. haha

On our way back home when we saw the crazy crowd at Jurong East, so decided to take the mrt to Joo Koon!


yay. we are proud to announce we have traveled the whole of SG already. World record ok.

Went Tampines eat Ajisen cause I got cravings for Ramen, and went homeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I had fun!!


Persians like Italians, apparently.


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One response to “Da Vinci – The Genius!

  1. xinyun

    June 13, 2009 at 9:52 AM

    wooo interesting…
    *starts to plan when to visit*


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