dream recording

06 Jun

ok today is weird dream day again.

first i dreamed i was in a hospital, i think visiting someone or going somewhere la. but donnoe why i ended up in this room and was witnesssing this little kid pretty banged up being carried(even though his major injuries were on his legs O.o) into the hospital. it looked serious, but things were under control, except the kid was screaming and shouting in pain. So end up i decided to go and try to calm him down by showing him all my scars(He had alot stitched up wounds too, one nasty one from his foot to thigh! i tot we could relate). Pretty useful lei. he stopped crying and all.

But apparently there was a problem, doctors couldn’t operate on him cause he will be in very bad pain if he were to lie down. obviously, now that you think about it. if it was in a normal hospital they will know what to do. but since it was my dream. they of course must ask my opinion. HAHAHAHA

In the end i gave them an idea that worked, I ‘accomplished my mission’ but just as i was about to leave, i got lost. I then realised that the hospital(which now looks like a haunted maze attraction in a fun fair), WAS TOTALLY EMPTY.

I kept running around but everything just looks the same. Obviously I started to freaked out and kept walking and walking till I started running.

In the end, I managed to find the exit through sheer powerful judgement and memorizing which previous door leads to where. 😛

Strangely though, nothing happened throughout. -shrug-

Then 2nd dream was I was in this movie. some kinda gun fight and robbing bank thingy, in thailand. We were illegal immigrants.(Shit so stereotypical sia hahaha) I believe it’s already half way through the  movie already, cause i ‘know’ that alot of my friends have died already, only left a few.

the dream was quite long and there were some really interesting parts, but nah, it’s stupid to describe the story via words.

End up i die 3/4 through the movie, but just like a movie,  i somehow could still ‘watch’ it la. Then during the last part, SO EXCITING LOR. Found out one female member of our group(played by this pretty HK actress which i forgot her name) was a TRAITOR! and she was the one that caused alot of our brothers to die.

somehow she managed to escape even though the rest of the surviving members found out and tried to hunt her down. they gave up and managed to successfully escape to somewhere. the end. (the movie i mean)

Next dream pretty short, I looked into the mirror, saw a old lady with a full head of white hair staring back at me, and i tot to myself: “Wow, I sure am old, better go get some dye.” Apart from the WHOLEEE head of white, which startled me a bit, the fact that i was a really old woman didn’t surprised me one bit(in the dream la) weird…

Then wake up liao. So here I am, 11.45am and awake for no fucking reason. BAH.

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