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05 Jun

No pics today cause i very lazy so yeah this post gona be FULLLLLLL of words.

wah. I’ve never shopped until i want to drop on normal days, only usually during CNY will I hunt for stuffs to buy. but today! I think i kena sot. Let’s recount.

Woke up at 10.30am to prepare for the FP sale at The Cathay. Asked Gek to tag along but when i reached there, I see the queue I very sian. I mean queuing up for Pass season’s stuffs? nahhhhhhh. Anyway thank goodness I didn’t since I heard from bros their sizes were mostly L to XL.

wasted though, had i known earlier i won’t have woke up so early. Felt really guilty and didn’t want Gek and friend to walk anymore so instead went makan with them at the 99cents sushi thing at the basement.

you noe what we eat? We ate lemon. HAHA

After that Gek and friend had to leave as they had to settle some stuffs so i proceeded to Isetan Scotts to look at their range of FP clothes. I walked. That’s like, one bloody end to the other bloody end. On the way I detoured to Orchard Central to take a look see.

Layout pretty much sucks. cramped like crazy and it’s like a maze. Signage doesn’t help as somehow they think that naming the locations uniquely will probably make them look more atas. -.-

about a handful of shops were opened only la. So basically I go there is just blow aircon. So carried on, walk walk walk walk walked finally reach Isetan Scotts. I am surprised that there are people who claim that Isetan Scotts has a nicer range of FP clothes. I personally think it sucks.

So backtracked and went to cineleisure, (i mean liew i come out must buy something what.) to my surprise, i find their range much better than the one at Isetan Scotts, tried a few from MIJs but not really nice. A twin tipped one caught my eyes in the end, so i bought it!

Anyway you don’t have to spend $300 ON A SINGLE receipt to be their member. They will give you a card and record down how much you spent and how much more you need to reach $300. Reach the target BY 2 MONTHS and you qualify for the membership.

And seriously, I think the one at Cineleisure is much better. I donnoe why.

(Previously, I said i wanted to import this particular shirt from Japan, but due to alot of cockups, i decided WTF, I shall just save the trouble and go get a shirt myself locally, very expensive though, i calculated, about $50 more expensive. ): )

After that decided to go home but donnoe why rot around instead, found out Steph was in the area and decided to give her a holla. Met up and went to have dinner at…………………… PS.

Yes. one bloody end to the other bloody end, again! but ok, technically, is start from cine, so half-half la.

Went the foodcourt eat. Decided to try the pepper lunch. Nice, interesting lei. but i feel not really very filling.

Ridz came to meet us as he was free and we just sat there shamelessly chatting even though the dinner crowds were flooding in. HAHA mai chup. Talk talk talk it was time for Ridz to go meet his friends.

I ask Steph to accompany me go Marina Square to look at berms(seriously, I donnoe why I had the nagging feeling to buy berms?). walked pass citylink saw Ayumi’s poster outside, went in found her new album, decided to recce abit more and see where got cheaper deal.

so went MS, look at berms, bought a white berm from Recoil. My first white berm. Very interesting. I realized i don have white bottoms at all, this was my first. i wonder why?

Then, found out MS sucks, cause cannot find CD shop. so walk to suntec. walk ah walk walk ah walk found a few cd shops, but is those kind sell mostly vcds/dvds. Got one sibei atas CD shop where Tower Records used to stand. Knn Ayu’s album 3 dollars more expensive there. -.-

Carrefour at Suntec has no music CDs.

And I found out the Cottage Waffle GONE LIAO! actually there alot of shops kuan men da ji. recession powerful i guess?

soooo searching failed. decided to head back home and on the way to HMV buy my Ayumi’s album.

Walk pass Cotton On. Decided to go in see see. “wah not bad lei all the shirts so cheappppppppppppppppp like crazy sia!” I said to myself(and to steph also la)

Tried a few. then decided to buy one of their ‘NEW, JUST CAME IN’ design, according to the sales assistant.

Yeah so walk back hmv, buy cd, bid steph farewell, go home.

Bought Pontian wanton mee on the way back. damn i never get sick of this wanton mee. I’ve eaten it consecutively for 2 weeks liao lor! srly, once you eat pontian wanton mee, all other wanton mees pale in comparison. really.

Go back, found out legs broken. HAHA omggggggggggggg i walked from 11am to 10.30pm OK! WTF I have never shopped so long before!

ok ok. tell u something now.

cheap things are never good. why? I washed the Cotton on shirt, I HAVEN’T EVEN WEAR IT OUT ONLY, alot of the threads came loose and there was like a really small tear near the shoulders. I tried to patch up the places with loose thread by sewing them myself la. as for the tear, bo pian. it’s small and i doubt it will expand within 14days(the longest you can go before your exchange policy expire)

Ok usually i check VERY CAREFULLY clothes I purchased, but for some reason, I think i very gian peng, buy the shirt, tot cheap, very excited forgot to check.(I got check my FP polo okkkkkkk! very goot!)

bloody hell la. it’s exactly like LONG LONG LONG TIMEEEEE ago, when 77th street just came out. their things oso damn low quality(But 77th street chop people carrot one lei)

I never went back there again.

And i most probably won’t go back cotton-on also.

but ok la, to be fair, i guess if ya those realllllllllyyy careful types and know how to see quality, you can go, cause apart from the quality of the clothes, I find their sales people to be pretty friendly and nice, and their things are priced reasonably.

well that’s just my opinion, perhaps, I was just suay and zhun zhun got a defective good. I say liao, they do provide 14 days exchange/refund policy, I am just lazyyyyyyyyy. can wear just wear.

YAY tl;dr-worthy! congrats if you got pass this point.

Currently listening to Ayu’s new album. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT. ♥


Ok i lied, Got pic! hahahahaha i like her gloves, got fingernails! so nice.



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2 responses to “buy buy buy

  1. gek

    June 5, 2009 at 6:27 PM

    “I find their sales people to be pretty friendly and nice”

    describes me to a tee. oh, and you missed out a comma after pretty.

    i also like pontian! but cannot add chilli. add not nice already.

    in the end we didnt go nus also haha. just walked around and went for another interview (for freelance event exec). results dunno yet.

  2. Khaos

    June 6, 2009 at 12:30 AM

    eyyeor so thickskin!!!

    and yeah my pontian i never put chili onee. black soya sauce rox! haha


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