01 Jun

Went out with the usual suspects for some shopping and fooddddddddddd



PEDRO! together with their shoe… cream? shine? protector? i donnoe what la. and brush, total up $152.80. Solely shoes only is $129.00.


Crocodile Sling bag. $149.90

I tell u hor. really is no fate buy bag. I went to a shop called Men’s studio? they didn’t have a BRAND NEW one for me, only display set. I asked them when it will come, they told me tuesday then want me to pay first so will reserve for me. Since I am those kind don’t like to do online shopping one, what makes you think I will pay first and wait 3 days to get my goods? so i just told them i not comfortable with that arrangement and walk out.

Went to Braun Buffel, saw a bag not bad wanted to get, BUT AGAIN NO BRAND NEW ONE! ONLY DISPLAY SET. wah kaoz what the sai. so just rejected. (boutiques have nicer sales people. nabei the first shop saico and saico, then when one of them realised i really don’t want to pay, face immediately black black. PUI)

Went to Ichiban BOSHI! for food next. god i freaking love the place ok! their sobas are lagi powerful! and the plate of mushroom! wahhhhhhhh slurp slurp






hahahahahahaha no smile nvm, i still love him!


$17.90 eat till you full.



if you ever go, this is die die must order. the yums hao bu hao!

Still got sotongs but forgot to take the pic.


The amount of rubbish paper in the SMALL bag, wah really lei. alot lor. i take out and take out like neverending.

Wanted to get Creative T3 oso. but aiya box so big, price so expensive. old speakers not yet spoil… so nahhhh. some other time maybe.

That’s all.

PS: I cannot find any checkered polo T’s!!!!!! SG is still so slow. stripes stripes and moar stripes.. ): damn.

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