TNP movie treats – Terminator Salvation

28 May

Ok short game post. tired hao bu hao.

won tix AGAIN from tnp movie treats for terminator salvation (friends say must be no one join that’s why i won two times in a row. –.-)

yayyyyyyyyyyy so went with my gay bud JJ! (apparently, according to my dear gek, what people say on their blog should be taken seriously! therefore, JJ REALLY IS my gay partner, and ohh yeah, gek is oso my dear. understood?)

Aite, the premiums include some old and new things la. Pens and stick-its are the same. but this time they gave a notebook. PLUS a FREAKING BIG terminator poster that i just folded into a small piece and stuff into my bag. (i don anyhow paste posters on my wall, only Ayumi can belong there.) But i want to keep la, but so big so leh cheh carry it around, so yeah fold lor. whatever.

Since I’m a terminator fan, i can only say it was an AWESOME SHOWWWW. yeah go watch, u should.



AND YES!!!!! THEY SUPERIMPOSED ARNIE’S FACE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I was soooooo excited when i saw “him”. Young version one somemore ok.



ok lazy to type, pics time

pizza hut

ok before the movie started those pizza hut delivery guys just came up and announce that there will be ‘free gifts’ and to check under our seats, 10 lucky winners who find something under there gets $50 pizza hut voucher. I never kena of course.

The ‘free gifts’ i donnoe is lame or what la. as they didn’t have enough manpower to pass one-to-one, they went to each row and started giving out the ‘gifts’, asking us to pass it down to the next person till everyone has one. gay bud and me was sitting at the end so we were of course the last to get it. Strange thing was, his had a badge, while mine only had a piece of stupid paper. the dudes infront had pizza! WTF? i believe those greedy people beside us took the chance to steal some of the stuff out from the box before passing it to us. cbbbbbbbb

nvm la. free one doesn’t matter.

Btw, Angels and Demons screening didn’t have this.


@St James with Gek(and her friends) after the movie.

That is all. koon.


To gek: buzz me if you want the rest of the pics. (:

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