Gay bro

18 May

I realised, someone has to know me for 7 years, have a conversation/stay in contact with me for almost every single day(naturally of course, not like HI BYE WEE GONEEE! kind) before i can feel like revealing certain private matters in regards to my past life, albeit with slight discomfort and thinking carefully how to phrase the sentences.

Obviously i have no benchmark to judge whether that’s a long or short time for someone to reveal like (according to my estimation) 40% of his private life.. but if you were to ask me, I’ll say that’s long (and 40% to me is ALOT).

There are things I tell him that I don’t even tell those i regard as dear to me(ex-gfs, for example) (and i have absolutely no reason not to, really). Again i do not know whether it is a common thing amongst peeps, but I just feel amazed that I can actually open up so much to anybody.

once again, if i was a girl, i’d have marry him.

Too bad~ hahaha

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Posted by on May 18, 2009 in Random-ness


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