TNP’s Movie treats: Angels and Demons

14 May

Yeahhhh yours truly was one of the lucky winners of the A&D movie treats held by TNP to commemorate their merger with FiRst Magazine. (ok now it’s more like paper pullout actually)

So off I went with my dear Vivian for what I consider an AWESOMEEEE OUTING!!!!!!! *COUGH*DANBROWNFANBOYHERE*COUGH*

7.15pm @ The Cathay, 13th May 2009

let the pics do teh talking.


Their premiums abit up lolli lei……… 8 days one got T-SHIRT LOR! but ok la that’s for the first 10, this one all 100 have it. (TNP’s one was 50 pairs of tix iirc) That’s a removable skin tattoo, if anyone’s wondering. and the one beside is stick-it’s.

Ok basically the show was AWESOME(very biased) abit too fast paced but I guess that’s understandable since books are usually more detailed for obvious reasons and movies have budgets. Anyway ,I am someone intrigued with things from Rome/Italy and some say the Vatican, so this show just scores extra points from me for portraying that.

I think people who read the novel, like me, will most probably watch this show because they want to see things from the book come to life, and boy did they execute it beautifully.

*minor spoilers*





/end spoilers


After the movie, went and find some place to eat. Since it was already late(the movie ended 9.30pm) we had limited choices, initially decided to go down to the tau hway place(our movie was @ The Cathay) but ended up we walked pass Mad Jack’s and just went and try since never try before.

Slightly regret the decision. Let me illustrate with pics,

Mad jack menu

Good Food @ Crazy Value??

expensive milo godzilla

Do you noe how much this cost? It’s Milo GODZILLA with ICE CREAM! Sound very powderful right?! knn it’s just a measly cup of milo peng(PACKET ONE SOMEMORE!) with one scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.


U noe simpang bedok $2.50 milo dinosaur you can drink until u explode?

Totally bo hua.

fruit king something 2

Vian ordered a cup of….. don’t know what forest juice? It’s just mixed fruit juice i guess. Looks sour, but it’s plain as plain water. –.- This is about the same price as my milo GODZILLA, or cheaper i think…. zzzzzzz and u tot fruit juices were supposed to be moar expensive? zzzz

chicken chop

Vian’s Chicken Chop with cream sauce. Ok this one not bad. but still very ordinary.

blue mountain burger

I ordered THIS!

fish baked rice

BUT THIS CAME INSTEAD!!!!!!!! Somehow the waiter got my order wrong, but ok la, since they were gona close soon I oso don’t want to make a fuss, wait the china cook pui smelly saliva into my food how? I humji. It’s a Fish baked rice btw. $8.90

All I can say is this was buay pai. u noe certain places their baked rice, usually their cheese is very nice but once u go down to their rice, it’s just… plain rice? well at least this rice got taste, but i think they cooked the rice with something else…. it tasted REALLY REALLY familiar but i just can’t figured out what it was. oh well. And yeah, one thing really interesting is, this dish has 3 layers, the one you see is the first layer, cheese, beneath that, the 2nd layer, is one whole slice of fish covering the rice and the last layer is of course the rice itself la. Hence, there’s ALOT of fish and for that I think it was pretty worth it compared to places where they just give you 2 measly slices and say NAH! $10 prease!

mushy mushy

This dish is called Mushy Mushy. Can you guess what it is? hahahah FRIED MUSHROOMMMMMMMMM!!!!! It tasted like the one we had at this certain sucky place at Central. But obviously this one was 100% cooked. lol this one oso nice la.

Overall, I have really mixed feelings about this place. it’s like their standards very UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN, some dishes are nice, some are downright common yet selling at madness price. Though none tasted bad.

total was $45.10 in case anyone’s wondering, and I don’t think the price justifies the food served. But Vian was saying perhaps it’s cause we went there when they were bout to close (10 mins more to last order when we sat down) hence like that. oh well.

As mentioned before, I’m ‘SLIGHTLY’ disappointed at the food(and at the fact that I can’t eat the tallest burger in town). but i guess if you don’t mind the price, can try la.

JUST DON’T ORDER their Milos! If really want Milo go to their simpang bedok branch and order from the neighbouring roti prata shops instead!





I’m doing my homework.

mad jack

Mad Jack @ Paradiz – 2.5/5 stars (nice ambience btw)


NEXT UP! PASTA DE WARAKUUUUU!!! Went out with Xinyun this time! (last Friday)

It was my first time eating pasta de waraku since their new menu came out, and I wasn’t disappointed at all, uh-uh, nooooo! PASTA DE WARAKU is tehhhhh NOM!

kinoko butter

Kinoko Butter: Assorted mushrooms with butter on hotplate, stir fry it yourself! wah damn nice ok! (as you can see mushroom is staple food for me. haha)


Uni(sea urchin) Cream, there’s abit of musky taste, but it’s still nice though! Sue’s one btw.

sotong roe

Sotong with Salmon Roe in CREAM! WAHHHH THE CREAM IS DA BOMBEST Pasta cream I’ve ever eaten. omg omg omgggg! *slurp slurp*

oreo parfait

My oreo Parfait. very creamy. Nice la but damn tamade sinful. Xinyun was like saying Oreo’s with banana abit weird combi, I kinda agree. but still nice!

something something pudding 

Her… mixed fruit pudding? I think, SOUR! 3x somemore! me no likes! but i believe without the sour fruits, the pudding would have tasted awesome.


Pasta De Waraku @ The Heeren – 4.5/5 stars (abit slow in service, pay money oso have to wait for them)


And that’s pretty much it.


PS: I’m thinking of going to Pedro again to get leather shoes. hooooo


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5 responses to “TNP’s Movie treats: Angels and Demons

  1. gek

    May 17, 2009 at 7:14 PM

    OMG SO COOL THE TATTOO I ALSO WANT! I’d shrink it though. Use iron can shrink right? Actually I don’t know.

    I like how they tweaked the story. Wasn’t the case for The Da Vinci Code (change the crux of story, very disappointing for readers), so I was expecting to hate it.

    Waraku try the zen zai with azuki- damn nice! I am going to cook creamy mushroom – and maybe chicken – pasta in half an hour!

  2. gek

    May 17, 2009 at 7:16 PM

    lol sorry i just remembered- the zen zai is from shokudo. waraku i dunno.

  3. Khaos

    May 18, 2009 at 4:50 AM

    if you want the tattoo, i’ll pass it to ya when we meet up lor. not too sure about shrinking it though, doubt it can be done in the first place. haha

  4. gek

    May 18, 2009 at 10:51 AM

    nah it’s ok thanks. i want it but i doubt i’ll wear it.

    um hey you know anything about hacking phones? i need help! i just got a new phone and the camera shutter is damn loud and it won’t go away. i looked it up online but all that jargon is greek to me.

    • Khaos

      May 18, 2009 at 11:59 PM

      depends on what it says, i don’t mind taking a look but no guarantees i’ll understand. haha


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