400 stray dogs rounded up and dumped on deserted and treacherous island

07 May


via [dead cockroach]

U noe, nothing much really riles up my emotions enough to create awareness about but this is one of the few that did.

I mean omgwtfbbq, this brings a wholeee new meaning to animal abuse. wtf. GRRRRRRRR even though I am more of cat love than dog lover, this is just freaking too much la. ali baba!


About 300 stray dogs were rounded up by Pulau Ketam residents and deported to an isolated island to fend for themselves.

Over half of them are already dead and the remaining ones may not live long.

Pictorial here


The villagers have been rounding up all the dogs on the island and shipping them to a deserted island. But it is no ordinary island. It is an inhabitable mangrove island with an environment so harsh that every castaway faces a horrible death.

Pulau Ketam, 2nd May 2009: First Sighting. This was the first glimmer of hope.
Notice how scrawny it is. Yet he managed to wag his tail feebly upon seeing us.

Usually I won’t even bat an eyelid when i hear of dog abuse cases, not because i’m heartless or cruel, but I just think that you noe, there are sick people living in this world, and seriously, stuff like this do happen. But this pretty much takes the cake.


Click on the link to see pictorial(same as above) and current situation updates. Alternatively,


For those of you who want to help, quote:

To donate or help, e-mail

TV Smith at or

Sabrina Yeap at

For info or enquiries:
The Rescue Mission Secretariat at +6012 378 3730 (Janet) or +6012 320 8090 (Zalina)
The Sec’s E-mail is (see updates page for info)

Fellow bloggers, you can also help by embedding the appeal poster above to your blog and linking to (this page)

We are aware it is a monumental task and appreciate all forms of support, assistance, suggestions, encouragement and your prayers.

Thank you

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  1. How To Approach Women

    May 20, 2009 at 7:39 PM

    interesting blog,
    already bookmarked it, all for saving stray dogs!


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