Backlogged outings

30 Apr

Ok. Abit of lag. but better than no post.

First stop – Steamboat at La Mei Zi (beside Tian Tian)

I think this was last month’s outing? i forgot. Per pax is 12 IIRC. or was it 16? darn i oso forgot nvm. u go there u will noe.

As always outings with the 4 heavenly kings(plus me) haha

leslie steamboat

2.6k king of chili eating gay boy

quek steamboat

Car seller in the midst of going through a deal. one day sell 50 Nissan Sunnies ok!!!!!! what u noe!? hahaha

jj steamboat

Like a shark lurking in surfers infested water, JJ wonders who will be his next target… JENG JENG


Chicken and Mala Medium spicy. lol I is really bth the soup lor. wtf so spicy. the king of chili eating gay boy wanted to go for the extreme but was stopped by our dear old Car seller cause he say: “WAH I donnid to eat ah!?” hahah

steamboat 2

I think this one was in between the feast. still got alot more after this! lol

I tell you car seller damn cb kia. He fucking sabo me with super spicy tau pok! knn it goes something like this:

Car Seller: “Eh nah give you tau pok”

Me(Thinking wah my best friend so nice give me tau pok): kk thanks

I left it there cause I was concentrating on other food, after awhile decided to pick it up and proceeded to stuff it ENTIRELY into my mouth. You guys should know tau pok is machiam sponge. soak in all the soup when it’s submerged thus THE MOMENT I BITE INTO IT! ALLLLLLLLL THE FREAKING MALA SOUP SPRAYED 360degree in my mouth. Worse, It was too late before I realised as I’ve already swallowed it. OMG the spiciness! My whole face turned red lor!!

Limpei ish chao kan car seller for being such a sabo king. hahahaha fucking basket.

Anyway, the food here are not too bad, but the soup is abit too bland. But I think i spotted a bowl of MSG on the buffet table so I guess it’s pretty much DIY. I LOVE the MUTTONS! hahaha


Saizeriya @ Liang Court

Eh last last week I think. yeah.


It’s a Japanese Italian Restaurant selling rather cheapo food. Dishes are like between 8+ to 12+. Buay pai la the food. SUPER DUPER DUPER FAST like madness. We ordered quite a number of dishes and the waitresses keep coming until the table really is no place to put. There are Japanese waitress too but they are all… cmi la. Paiseh I watch too much JAVs already, standard very high.

saizeriya leslie

This time round there’s a lot of motion blur pics. hahahahah I lazyyyyy to take properly

saizeriya jj and quek

Quek and JJ.

Saizeriya full course

Aite basically Gay boy and JJ ate steak, while Quek add some bacon and cheese spaghetti, and I digged into a hot plate of Seafood risotto. We also ordered a pizza, grilled potato wedges and the health set which consists of salad and soup. I find it very bo hua the health set. $4.99 iirc, and they give u really measly portions. but the seafood chowder buay pai la.

Total 70++ IIRC. It was my unofficial treat to celebrate me going to army EARLY! HAHAHAHAHA ok siao.

Overall, the food is not bad and it’s quite budget. Can try if you’re interested in Japanese Italian food.

PS: While we were eating we glanced out and spotted people queuing up, and then for some reason we spotted this gim mo girl in a group look buay pai. Then when we were about to leave we took another glance and it looked ALOT like xiaxue. Just browsed her blog and realised it really was her.

Eh In real life she buay pai lei, but i believe that’s just because she had super thick make up on. It’s really damn weird though, cause I swear she looked thinner in real life. Either I’m going retarded or she needs to get a new camera/brush up on her photo-taking/shopped skills.

cottage waffle

Hmm a photo i found in my phone, Valentine’s day outing with my 2 lovely dates, Yvonne and Vivian. Heck I don’t remember taking this photo lei. Anyway It’s Cottage Waffle Place @ Suntec City. Not bad, the waffle very nice and the chocolate oso super nice. Cheap too. Couple’s fondue set we had. I think it was $30+?? Forgot. Free flow fondue too! (think it was promotion)

Ok la. As you can see, I’ve demonstrated my ageing to you guys liao. Forgot this forgot that. I think here, I think there. Die. Don’t admit old also cannot. FORGETFULLL!!!


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