24 Apr

Finished Handsome suit at work today. pretty nice show.

Though I gotta say that i kinda feel that the director chose the easiest and simplest shortcuts in terms of the storyline, felt it was rather shallow, or too simple i guess.

But to make up for it, the Japanese have always like to add meanings to their stories, and since this show’s topic is pretty much familiar to everyone, it kinda draws you in and some might even be able to relate to it. So yeah, i feel this is the major positive side of the show.

Anyway, who doesn’t like comedies? hahaha

Overall a good watch, 4/5

Well then, I’m particularly attracted to the ED(the song in the credits), therefore I decided to record it down and SHARE! I did two, one with bass and one without. Just playing around really, nothing much. Choose whichever you like.

Non-Bass Boost

Bass Boost

Goddamn, I blew away my ears with 25dB worth of noise while editing these cause of a stupid mistake I made. Gave me a splitting headache for awhile! Freak.

Btw, I ♥ Mayumi Sada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol



Been trying to dig out as much info about her as possible, but doesn’t look like there’s much.. Pity. 😦

Official website

Her grandfather is American, hence the looks.


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