15 Apr

I have freaking shit loads of animes to watch now. And I’ve scribbled on a piece of paper my opinions on those that i’ve watched(carry on or drop it! etc.). It’s still not complete (JESUS!) but most should be here, anyway here we gooooo!

List of animes watched

K-ON! – OOOOOOOOoooooooooooo moeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love it!!!!(ESPECIALLY THE ED!!!!!) ❤

Pandora hearts – the only ‘mysterious’ anime I’m watching now. interesting story. def. continuing.

07 Ghost – X X X X X X X too many pretty boys. yuck.

Sengoku Basara – ok, not too bad. well war shows are always attractive to boys. lol (though i think tadashi subs kinda sucked…)

Tayutama – yeah yeah yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh eechhiiii ftw!!

Higeipiyo – short, but funny. following.

Asura Cryin’ – I really really hateeeeee complex and random plot throwing in shows, but since it’s eccccchiiiiii (SHURI FTW) i’ll just follow. anyway it’s interesting since there’s demons and whatnots inside.

Tears to tiara – somehow i don’t particularly enjoy animes with themes and timelines like this.. but it’s not unbearable… hmm, I’ll give it a few more episodes before deciding whether not to drop it. probably till epi 3.

Slap Up! – errrrrrrr dropped. bah.

Valkyria Chronicles – I  LOVE the art in this. what’s more it’s adapted from a game! roar! how i wish i have a ps3. following.

Shangri-la – I like the OP and ED. and the settings in the show is pretty beautiful. I’ll follow it. BUT it’s very frustrating not to understand what the heck carbon credits are, but meh, the rest are ok.

Natsu No Arashi – guys looks like guys, girls look like GUYS. old school artwork. dropped.

Eden of the East – another beautifully drawn production. interesting story too. hell u don see white scribbles on a man’s privates everyday now do you? new type of mosaics?

Saki – it’s about mahjong, but it’s Japanese styleeeeeeee…… so i don’t really understand the scoring system,but since i grow up watching and loving God of gamblers and other similar shows, i’ll be following it. it will be interesting to know what kinda story the producers have in store for saki and gang. there’s only so much u can do with mahjong ya noe?

Basquash – one word, basketball. following!

well that’s all I’ve watched up till this point. pending ones include:

  1. Guin saga
  2. Kara no kyoukai
  3. Phantom
  4. Hatsukoi Limited
  5. Marie and Gali
  6. Shibawanko’s Japanese Spirit –> they just look cute in the pics i saw. hahaaha

On top of those I still have some I’m following/haven’t watch yet, which includes,

  1. Kurokami
  2. kuroshitsuji
  3. Akikan!
  4. birdy decode 2
  5. goku/zoku sayonara
  6. zoku natsume (GONA FINISH IT SOON!)
  7. Sora o Kakeru Shoujo
  8. Soul eater (freak i feel like dropping this. I’ve spoiled myself by reading the manga… zzz –.-)
  9. Strike witches (Still waiting for dvds, god they are slow!)
  10. zero no tsukaima (YAY I’m picking it up where i left off!)
  11. DRAGONBALL KAI! (weeeeee remake ftw!)
  12. Minami ke S2 n S3
  13. Regios
  14. Rideback
  15. Toaru majutsu no index (heh heh abit more. 😉 )
  16. Kanokon
  17. Tetsuwan Birdy OVA

okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I think I’m going mad…. OMFG THAT IS ALOT!!!! @_@ meh. i shall end this with MIO FROM K-ON! ♥♥♥♥

mplayerc 2009-04-15 01-02-23-01 

mplayerc 2009-04-15 01-01-53-21 

I freaking ♥ the ed!!!

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