Regios 11

30 Mar

ok seriously regios is getting a little bit confusing starting from epi 10, specifically the ram/goat part. but I’m not in the mood to talk about that and i figured it would most probably be revealed later.

what i want to talk about is the whole plot of episode 11. reason? cause it was so damn annoying trying to understand felli sempai learning swimming part. i kept asking myself, WHAT IS THE POINT!?!?!

so after watching a shitload of replays and fast forwarding/rewinding countless times, my theory is,

Karian wanted Felli to relax during the break as he realised that Felli was losing control of her psychokenesis, probably due to not ‘regulating it’ ever since meeting fon-fon and participating in tons of battle.

Felli’s uncontrollable powers are slowly proven as the episode moves along, namely in 2 scenes,

1. Felli in bed scene having visions and hearing nina and gang’s meeting with president

2. the fact that during the hostage situation scene, Felli claims nobody would notice her actions of detecting where their dites were hidden but when she activated it, goku possessed her body. 😛 (this also eliminates the assumption that the hostage situation scene was pointless as it was a stepping stone leading to felli realizing what nina and gang were up to)

As for why Karian wants to do this, well it has proven time and again that he is very protective of his younger sis, therefore it seems perfectly possible and reasonable to assume he would do all these (dragging felli along, asking nina to teach her swimming, attempting to rape fon-fon etc.) to ensure felli’s safety.

although it all seems pretty one sided as after felli realised her bro’s real intentions, she gave him a OVER 9,000!!! felli shin kick. It could also be assumed that her anger was also partly due to the fact that her bro dragged innocent fon-fon into the foray (even though it might not have been part of his plan in the first place).

that just answers the question to the whole plot of this episode. I believe why this episode became so confusing was due to the fact that it was a ‘filler/fanservice’ and the director didn’t put in much effort.

Either that or I’m dumb. Whatever.


Though the sudden and super random engrish part still kinda bothers me. rumours has it that it’s somesort like a ‘Legend of Regios’, detailing things before and how it ended up like this in the world of regios you see now. Not too sure how credible that is though.

/satisfied ):

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