Playboy VIP in Singapore

29 Mar

Full report here

‘Our articles, spanning across a whole spectrum of topics like politics, current affairs and pop culture, will be lengthy and in-depth.’

So boys, if you’re lusting after naked pictorials when this publication hits the stands, VIP would not be what you’re looking for.

There will be no nudity as the magazine has to toe the line with current Media Development Authority regulations that disallow frontal nudity in all publications here.

The magazine will also not be shrink-wrapped and there will not be a Parental Advisory tag on the cover.

But erotica was never the magazine’s direction.

Nudity is overrated, Mr Yeo added, because ‘with the advent of Internet, you can just go online and there’s porn everywhere’.

So his message to all chee ko peks who plan to buy VIP: ‘Don’t bother looking for instant gratification.’

Priced at $8.90, it is published monthly by Rabbithead Enterprise and distributed by Singapore Press Holdings.

That makes it slightly pricier than the other local men’s publications in the market today – FHM is $7.00 and Playeur is $6.90.


sheesh. The feeling of owning something explicit yet you know it’s legal compared to viewing things on the internet is totally different, don’t they realise this? anyway, Most people who are interested in PLAYBOY in the first place ain’t exactly the type that will enjoy “lengthy and in-depth”(read: dull and wall of words) crap. Spend 8.90 to read things a 80cents newspaper can do??

hell if ya gona touch on such boring things, then why use the rabbit head? why not just do something original? borrowing the fame of the rabbit head to drive sales, no creativity.

bah, there is no significance in the release of this magazine as the whole point of it is lost. it is just another magajine with girls in bikinis. This type, internet oso have alot. Actually, come to think of it, topics like politics, current affairs and pop culture.. INTERNET OSO GOT ALOT! (not to mention there are other magajines doing the same thing)

Why waste money??

NIPPLES-LESS FTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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3 responses to “Playboy VIP in Singapore

  1. amamruoy

    August 4, 2009 at 6:45 PM

    dumb fuck have u even seen Playboy before? It’s not all pictorials and stuff. It’s pretty lengthy shit with lots of articles. I’ve even read Playboy from the 1950s so opinion suck ass. u stupid lame ass piece of shit.

    • Khaos

      August 6, 2009 at 11:04 PM

      oh, so you’re the idiotic kind who spend $8.90 for something a 80cents newspaper can do? and you even ignore all the nakedness inside too??? WOW! girls from the 50’s doesn’t suit your taste huh? but srly, go fuck yourself.

  2. hando

    December 13, 2012 at 4:09 AM


    I collect all international editions of the Playboy magazine and I have a big dream to get at least one sample issue of each edition. I have got all editions so far but… but I have not got any issue of the Singaporean edition yet. This is the last international edition of the magazine left for my special collection.

    May you help me to get one sample issue of the VIP Magazine Singapore? I deeply hope I will find someone “good person” who might help me to put over my dream. 🙂 Or maybe you know someone else who could help me?

    I was in Singapore 2 years ago (I did not find the magazine that time). This is absolutely beautiful country and pleasant country. I saw Merlion, Krangi War Memorial, the Changi Prison, Botanic Gardens, fantastic zoo with huge bats, Marina Bay Sands and many, many other places. But I did not have so favorable circumstances for looking for the magazine beacuse I was travelling with my wife. 🙂 I asked some people but nobody knew it.

    I really deeply hope you might help me and belive you will do it.

    Thanks a lot for any help!


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