Toradora! 25

27 Mar

so that’s it. finish.

excellent series, and one of the few animes of this type with a proper ending.

At first I was kinda worried i was missing out on the ‘good’ parts on this whole story when during epi 24, alot complained that it was quite hastily done and deviates rather badly from the novel itself, but after checking up on the novel, I personally feel… well yeah it deviates, but in terms of the whole anime, it was brilliantly executed. (and anyway, stuffs like these are freaking common.)

More-ever, I felt majority of the complaints only came because 25 wasn’t out yet at that time, and imo, both of them should be watched together in order to ‘feel whole’ about everything.

It’s been a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time since I enjoy up to *this point* the satisfaction of an anime’s ending.

Nice one JCSTAFF.


for link of novel’s ending, here it is


A few gifs I made out of boredom



WLM ready!



(Yeah, I’m still new to making gifs. :P)

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