22 Mar

My stomach is extremely stressed right now, cause i just finished Detroit Metal City Live action movie and OVA all in one day.

Omg it IS DAMN FUNNNNNNYYYYYY!!! and i really really really liked the songs inside. although both the OVAs and live action movie uses the same song. special mention has to be made regarding the live action movie’s since the Singer happens to be the actor too! (both negishi and Krauser in fact)

No mean feat considering the OVA had to call in two different seiyuus. and the song wasn’t bad at all lo. the acting was good too, especially how negishi was potrayed. Such versatility! good job Ken’ichi Matsuyama!

if you were to ask me to compare and recommend which one to watch, i would say watch both. Director Toshio Lee has done a good job in keeping true to the anime IMO. Of course, you can’t possibly copy every single thing, so there definitely are a few differences between the two, but it doesn’t spoil the ‘core’ that DMC is made out of.

but if i really really had to choose, I would say the OVA is much deeper and slightly funnier than the Movie, so do give it a shot if you have the means to.


PS: if you want to catch the movie, do remember to stay till the credits end. 😉

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Posted by on March 22, 2009 in Reviews


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