Code Geass

15 Mar

ok i noe i’m a bit slow here, but i just finish Code Geass and R2.

Never really paid much attention to it since I thought it was mecha, like gundam or something, but wow, impressive storyline and plot. It’s very obvious this is more for those with a more… how do i put it, ‘evolved’ mind. Adults? perhaps?

Somehow it echos what I feel about the world, partly.

The problems highlighted, yep. The resolutions used by the 3 of them(Past, Present, Future), no. If asked to compare between Charles, Schneizel and Lelouch, I would be neither.

Instead I will be the one that will end it all.

Haha, but then again, this is just an anime and i’m just living in my own fantasy, no?

I shall just entertain myself as much as I can.

PS: like all¬† ‘disillusioned’ fans of Code Geass… I WISH FOR AN R3!!!!!!! R3! use a deux ex machina, whatever! I DON’T CARE! R3! R3! R3! R3!

IF R3 comes out! I WILL SAPPORK ORIGINAL! hahahahahaa!

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