graduate lo!

12 Mar

YAY! FINALLY! GRADUATED! NO MORE BOOKS! Kindergarten>Primary school>secondary school>ITE>poly

studying for the past 20+ years! It’s freaking time to STOP and go out and work! (Although i’ve been working part time since i was 14, but meh that doesn’t count.)

Although my Major Project got really sucky grades(not as if it was my fault. SIP @ TP seriously needs some revamping!).. i’m worried it might affect my job chances.. oh well. I’ve plans to further my study anyway.. but still, how the heck can i save up if i don’t get a job?!

bah let me go get my Degree in Majullah Singapura Double major in Sai kang & Chao keng first.. still early. speaking of which, i’ve been trying to call CMPB to let me enlist early(Yes, enlist EARLY) but it seems like i’m not very welcomed to do that. never return my call at all!

I mean seriously, my enlistment period is probably from june – oct. latest is oct, that’s like 7 months wait from now!!! might as well go in June and shave off the 3-4months instead of rotting at home, tio bo?

grr im calling them back tmr.

Ali baba huattttttttt!

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Posted by on March 12, 2009 in Happenings


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