Techie Notes #2

02 Mar

Those with the original Vitality Release of Dawn of War II will not have the loader.exe, So go here (Thanks to gamesfromtorrent from Mininova) to download it.

Step 1: extract all files into your game directory, and open up the rev.ini file.

Step 2: Edit the SteamClientDll=steamclient2.dll to SteamClientDll=”YOUR GAME DIRECTORY HERE”\steamclient2.dll

Step 3: Create a .txt file titled steam_appid in the same directory.

Step 4: In it, enter 15620, save and exit.

Step 5: ??????

Step 6: Eat shit and die

This is working on the patched 1.1.2 version of DOW 2.


Get the latest revLoader from here if ya having any problems,

for xp users, you can also get rid of Wintrust.dll from your game directory, i believe it’s only for vista users.

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Posted by on March 2, 2009 in Techie Notes


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