24 Feb


I’m someone that doesn’t really care about quality when it comes to portable media players. I mean seriously, whats the point? the screens are small, and ya using earphones anyway. Furthermore, I like to batch convert animes, thus I prefer speed over quality and with that said, WINavi is a freaking godsend.

A 198mb LC .avi takes just 2mins to convert! the quality to me is watchable, and that’s all that matters imo.

BUT Nowadays, lots and lots of animes are in MKV format. It’s pretty powerful as a container and there’s tons of benefits, and playing them on your PC isn’t really a very hard thing.


The problem here is, since MKVs use soft subs, conversions will not encode the subs into the video itself. Therefore unless you understand japanese, the anime u converted will be totally useless.

of course there’s a few ways to circumvent this, although all this methods are really too damn troublesome and doesn’t suit me imo.

Method 1. There’s the rip the subs out and hardcode it yourself method.

Method 2. There’s the encode to .avi and then to MP-4 method.

Method 3. and there’s also XviD4PSP, which skips all the troublesome steps mentioned above and just converts your mkvs to MP-4 WITH subs. (this is the current method i’m using, because it involves the least steps, and I have no other choices)

I shall give a rundown of what I encountered while going through this 3 steps,

For method 1, the subs that got ripped out was in .ass format, and WINavi does not support that. so no go.

For method 2, AlltoAVI says it’s H.246 and therefore needs to convert it using a ‘special method’, taking me 2 hours to convert 1 bloody 356mb 24mins anime. (of course I stopped it)

Method 3, well this is by far the easiest YET tedious method for me, because 1st of all, there’s so many technical jargons in this crazy program it took me 2 hours to research and understand how it actually works. 2nd of all, this program’s preset settings are meant for crazy dudes who demands HQ for everything they lay their eyes on. As a result, one freaking 246mb anime took me 13mins to encode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I compare it with WINavi, and although they didn’t hardcode the subs into the anime, it took merely 7mins to convert the same anime.

and last but not least, even when i replicated 80% of WINavi’s settings on XviD4PSP, the time it took didn’t change at all, not to mention any settings that I tried to lay my hands on that by theory, will make the encoding faster, DOES NOT WORK IN REALITY AT ALL! (THAT FREAKING TOOK ME LIKE 3 HOURS DOING TRIAL AND ERROR!!)

at most it was a minute’s reduction. that’s it. the only time i got like 9mins was because i change video bitrates to 64kbps, but seriously, THAT is really too goddamn unwatchable, even for me.

With that said, this program is pretty decent if you are those crazy dudes who like HQ videos on your PSP or whatever, although there really is a few quirks in this program that i find really… frustrating (No batch convert, i heard they had it in V4, and screen resolution does not stay even though u click apply/ok -.- )

So yeah. As you can see, this is a rant post for minorites like me, who prefer SPEED over quality.

I don’t need super good quality. just gives me something watchable, yet fast in the encoding process, and i’ll be a happy man.

With more and more MKVs formatted animes coming out, hopefully there will be a good software that is similiar to WINavi appearing.


PS: As I am typing this now, it’s already 50mins and only episodes 3,4,5 are done. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzz

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