Weirdo dream

21 Jan

It’s been a long time since i actually slept early and woke up before 12pm ON A DAY I DONNID TO GO TO SCHOOL/WORK.

And somehow it seems that my brain works better with the “just right” sleep I had, cause I remember completely the dreams i had when snoozing. And boy was it weird.

The dream started out with me in some weird…….. building with people, feels like Changi Airport but it wasn’t changi airport. I was just walking around aimlessly and somehow managed to obtained some kinda trolley and i was on it zooming around the whole place… security guard saw me and chased me and I managed to do sibei many stunts on the trolley to shake them off.

Then just woke up and looked and time and went back to sleep to continue dream no. 2

Dream no. 2 started out with me on the bus, with one of my best bud. (no not u JJ, it was JS) and I was lying on his chest sleeping. (OMGWTFBBQ! GAY!)

*teleport* (u noe in a dream things don’t happen fluently and u may get ‘teleported’ to another scene? yeah.)

I was still on the bus, but this time i was smoking. HUH? Smoke smoke until very happy then somehow i realised i wasn’t supposed to smoke on the bus, but then for some reason, NO ONE on the bus stopped me. weird, but i still decided to snuff out the ciggie out of consideration. i have absolutely no idea how i snuff it out though.


Time to alight, as if the dream wasn’t weird enough, my best bud was replaced by GEK! and the door opened and she alighted. I tried to alight but the door closed on me and I just kept hammering the door bell. though the bus driver just ignored and sped off, leaving GEK outside looking dumbfounded while I have in my hands ALL her belongings, keys, wallet, hp, everything.

Throughout the unintended ride, i just kept hammering the door bell, and figured the reason why the bus driver was acting like a cb was because i smoked on the bus just now. and this bus driver was hell-bent on not letting me alight as even though other passengers wanted to alight, she(yes the bus driver was a she) refused to stop the bus. end up everyone was hammering the doorbell too and some confronted the bus driver to let them alight. In the end she did and i got off somewhere, moved to the front door and gave her a finger, she stood up and shouted at me but i just walked off, while in my mind thinking that I should faster return GEK’s belongings.

Woke up again and looked at the time, went back to sleep.

The next dream was a continuation of the bus dream. it was day two actually and i was starting to get worried with not returning GEK’s belonging. Btw, I used your hp lei GEK! u noe how cool it is or not? WIDE SCREEN SURF THE WEB GAN SONG! lol.

Anyway, somehow I ended up at this dude’s place. this dude has a long and colorful history with me and my childhood friends last time. nothing to do with the dream so i shall not elaborate.

Anyway I was there and I saw two of his friends digging out some kinda sugar cane or bamboo from the ground(this dude lives on the ground floor) and for some muncho fucking reason, I decided to buy this plant from them for $8. After purchasing, somehow I found out i was cheated.

Then woke up again for the last time and end.

and no. throughout the whole dream, totally no sign of 4 numbers or whatever. so too bad.

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