Dead Space Plot theory

16 Jan

*UPDATE: with the release of Dead space 2, i decided to relive Dead Space 1 by doing some internet research (meh too lazy to play dead space 1 again, although the possibility of doing it again is there, just not now) and chanced upon martyr… which kinda really.. brings alot more questions than answers to this whole black and red marker thingy.

And also, now that Dead space 1’s wiki is more updated and established, i’ve come to realised this post i made could be rather inaccurate in more than 1 way. So I really do advice you to take this whole thing with a pinch of salt.

I’ll still go through dead space 2, but i wont be correcting the errors here as i believe DS’ wiki does a better job. so drop by there if you need to understand more about the whole red/black marker shinnegans.


You have been warned.

The only thing that i can be sure of, after doing extensive research, is that the marker’s ultimate motives are unclear(convergence? suppressing the hive mind? etc.) for now. So there’s really no point in googling; it’s everyone’s guess.

*End of update*

Only reason im doing this is because all the information out there is confusing and after completing the game for months, I still didn’t quite understand the relations between the black and red markers. Anyway this is only for people who played Dead space and/or know its plot.

Here we go:

Black marker

– provides sequence to recombinant dna

– Ability to create hallucination promoting creation (*)

– Ability to enhance necromophs (*)

– found on earth

Red marker

– provides sequence to recombinant dna

– Ability to suppress life form

– Ability to cause hallucination deterring creation

– Ability to make people want to kill (?)

– reversed engineered from black marker

– found on aegis 7

* abilities are hypothesized based on red marker’s characteristics

As some point in time, Govt found out about recombinant dna and promptly came up with two goals and a later goal:

– recreate life form from DNA (about the same time after creation of red marker and knowing what the wordings on the markers were)

– Reverse engineer black marker to create red marker, probably to understand the inner workings of the black marker (this was completed first)

– Later on, decided to amplify the effect of red marker after discovering its prohibiting effects

The setting up of research facilities on aegis 7 was because the govt DOES NOT WANT TO promote the fact that there are aliens, thus a secret location was needed.

Unfortunately, Experiments went out of control and at the same time some scientist found out that red marker can inhibit growth.

Since red marker is REVERSE engineered from black marker, safe to say:

– Black marker ENHANCES the spread of necromorphs as a structure itself. (Also supported by the fact that the black marker, by itself, has a noticeable effect on dead organisms)

– Black marker’s hallucinations are used to initiate the creation of the dna. Further supported by the fact that in comics, spirits WARN people of the RED marker

Ability to make people want to kill could be an effect from the Hivemind more instead of the marker, since once the marker was discovered and moved, people started to kill.

Purpose of recombinant DNAs on two markers could be because of two things:

– The marker needs a ‘set of instructions’ in order to function. Therefore, the DNA was needed on the black marker to noe what to promote and the DNA on the red marker was used to noe what to control.

– Marker could not be reversed engineered if the dnas won’t there for reasons only known to the creators.

True originator of the black markers and its purpose (and why the hivemind is one clever bugger)

Take note that ‘virus’ is only useful on dead people. All living beings have instincts to spread. One hivemind can only have one planet as its colony. So in order to spread, hivemind needs other planets.

So at some point they created the black marker and somehow brought it to other planets with lifeform with the aim of manipulating them to create a new hivemind, lifeform on the host planet will get hallucination to construct this dnas and black marker will ENHANCE the growth.

abilities of hallucinations and why nothing happened on earth

Take note that NOTHING happens when no one is in contact with markers as evident on the red marker prequel comics, where the earth colony on aegis 7 was fine and dandy BEFORE discovering the markers and no one else ON EARTH, apart from the church of unitology and govt, which eventually sealed the black marker(thus deterring further exposure) got in contact with it. So safe to say only when someone got in contact with black marker which affects them with hallucinations, and he or she has the ability to noe what the dna does, he or she can create the lifeform. In this case, who is more powerful and resourceful than the govt to do such a thing?

Effects of exposing themselves to the black marker

So on earth, when they know about its existence and got in contact with it and started hallucinating, they bring it to aegis 7, decipher it, and then knowing what it was, they were motivated even more to recreate it, thinking it can be used for their purpose (typical humans), but unknown to them, they were being manipulated to pave the way for the hivemind to spread.

They only realized their folly when they found out how frightening and powerful necromorphs were.

Church of Unitology ONLY KNOWS there is another lifeform, but does not have the means YET to decipher the dnas and create them. thus they became fanatics and their exposure only caused them to GROW their church, yes a pretty weird outcome, but meh, things are unpredictable sometimes.

The reason why they are so drawn to the RED marker was because they thought it was the black marker.

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