Why I prefer MRTs more than buses

10 Jan

This post is a joint collaboration with JJ

The idea was to come out with a general topic and both of us will voice our opinions. Cause lately my blog frequency have been decreasing damn chiat lat-ly and JJ.. well he has always been a ‘a post a month’ kinda person.

JJ’s post can be found here

Like JJ, I myself have certain posts previously that touched briefly on this subject.

but for me, I am more of a “I choose MRT over bus anytime” person, so i shall just focus more on comparing these two.

Since I’m freaking lazy and there’s a free layout, i shall copy JJ’s. AHAHAH

Here are some of the points why I hate taking buses(they are in order):

1) Can of sardines

2) NASCAR bus drivers + stupid bus mechanical design(wonky rides)

3) Too much exposure to the sun

4) Frequency of buses

1) Can of sardines

Buses and MRTs can get very packed. but usually MRTs is just see time while buses is see location, time, and frequency of bus arriving, and thus with so much factors, there is definitely a higher chance for buses to get packed.

and for some weird reason, i feel that buses always have grossly less space than the number of people allowed on board. its like the space may be meant for about 30 people only, but somehow magically 60 people can squeeze into it.

and even if lets say there were seats, I will still damn buay song cause i just find the space between your seat and the one infront is not wide enough. to put it simply, i hate my kneecaps touching the back of the seat infront la.

2) NASCAR bus drivers + wonky rides

SBS should provide more trainings to their bus drivers on how to drive a bus properly, and ffs get new buses from a different manufacterer, the old one sucked, the NEW ONE SUCKS EVEN MORE! (i will elaborate more on the new ones later)

and i have slight motion sicknesses so it doesn’t really help when im on long journeys.

3) Too much exposure to the sun

I am sissy man. I hate being exposed to the sun for long periods of time. To be fair, MRT oso have this problem(and maybe sometimes u may even get the sun staring right at you due to the height of the tracks) but at least the MRT does not have other sucky factors compared to buses. FURTHERMORE, MRT have underground tracks! thus the sun shouldn’t really bother you for long, unlike buses.

and one more thing is i feel MRT insulation is much better than buses, cause even though sometimes you might get the sun shining directly at you, it just doesn’t get too hot compared to buses, which i feel can just boil you alive for some reason if u get exposed to the sun for 15mins.

last but not least, bus rides can get very long, so good luck to you if you happen to get the sun directed on you while ya in it.

4) Frequency of buses

I chin bth the frequency of buses, JJ says SBS wants to maximize passenger capacity on one single bus, thus they purposely make the frequency longer.

this reason alone already makes me 60% dowan to take bus liao. and to me i just feel they fucking suck at monitoring the passenger loads at busstops.

just take JJ’s bus 27 encounter for an example, and you will noe what i mean.

Ok, so now I shall talk briefly on what irks me regarding the new buses.

2 things,

1)the handicapped design

2) the super powerful like ding dong cheesecake brakes

1) Handicapped design


Ok the above is the layout of the new bus design, notice the place i mark in red. If you’d been following me for long, you’d have seen a certain post made long ago where i commented about this exact same design on some of the previous buses.

In it, I mentioned that for some reason, people who board the bus with this design ALWAYS like to chiong to this place to dig for gold. end up filled up the place liao and overflow into the ‘path’ for people to move to the rear. and thus jam it and deter people from moving to the back.

now,  just imagine yourself wanting to get on the bus but cannot cause infront full, but u see the back SO MANY SPACE! how would you feel? Stupid design right?

this problem is of course still present in the new buses, but what really takes the cake is the steps added. We are all lazy people. we see stairs, we siam. as simple as that.

sacrifice passenger standing efficency just to make the bus more compact, how freaking lame can SBS be?

Seriously, either they place the big open space at the back, or they make the whole bus flat. i believe the reason why they elevated the back of the bus is because the engine is below, to make the bus shorter so to speak.

since old buses have engines at the back, everything could be made flat. I could be wrong though. whatever it is, people are not moving to the back and something needs to be done! price hike not for fun one ok!

one more thing is due to the design of this new buses, your chances of standing increases because there are less seating space, but i shall not complain about this cause i am considerate to people who are disabled.

2) The super chiat-ness of the brakes.

DAMN CHIAT i tell you. i donnoe about others but i feel that the brakes of the new buses is damn powerful. you can feel the effect when ya standing especially. you practically fly a few inches forward when the bus brakes. I NEVER have this problem when I’m on the old bus one lor. maybe new bus the brakes not seasoned, guess i’ll give it some time.

to sum it up, if a train and a bus goes to the same location but the bus is faster, I WILL STILL DIE DIE TAKE MRT.


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