Bird shit and me

18 Dec

Nabei ccb. Today kena bird shit, again.

Sway to the max man. This is not the first time liao lor. Let me go through with you guys the many exploits i have with bird shits. Trust me, some of them are very very interesting.

The first time I kena bird shit was when i was in primary school. This one is a bit mild la. I was sitting on the bench at the playground, the tree was on top and piak! Head kena bird shit.

The second time when I was walking past my block, at the back. You know the location when u directly look down from the master bedroom? yes that exact spot, I was walking past it when suddenly a flock of pigeons flew past me and I heard a series of PIAK PIAK PIAK! The next thing i know, I was COVERED in pigeon shit.

Seriously, it was like a really WTF moment, I believe it is EXTREMELY rare for people to see a BUNCH OF PIGEONS carpet bomb an area AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. I had the privilege not only to see it, but also kena it. No fun at all ok.

My friends even joked about it by modifying the NAVY commercial last time. You know that one where the guy was in the bath tub and this stupid Jaws theme was playing? at the end he said: “Got you now, Ducky!”

My friends changed it to “GOT YOU NOW, JOEY!” Of course I was the butt of jokes for days to come after that.

So you think the 2nd one was the most WTFBBQ incident. You think nobody can be as suay as that already? No. The following one takes the cake, and eat it too, and then shits it out, and flush it down the toilet bowl!!

I was eating at the coffeeshop opposite TP last time when I was still in ITE Tampines with my friends, after lunch we were walking back to the bus stop when one of my friends asked me where was Springfield Secondary. I pointed at the location intending to show him the direction when I suddenly felt something wet HIT THE STRETCHED-OUT FINGER I USED TO POINT AT THAT DIRECTION!!!!!!!!

OF ALL PLACES! I mean if you say head, or shoulder, or body, at least understandable since the surface area quite large, BUT A finger?!!!!?

Like srly, WTFBBQ!?!?!?!!?!?

My friends laughed like mad on that day and suggested I go buy 4D on the time and date I kena the shit. it was on a thursday, can’t remember the exact date but i noe it was around 1+pm.

Never kena lei.

Whatever it is, I consider that the SHITTEST bird shit incident I have ever kena. Period.

The fourth, which was today, was pretty normal la. I was out to buy food for lunch during work when the bird shit just smacked itself directly on my right chest.

The only thing I was pretty frustrated and embarrassed about was the fact that I had to go to the canteen wearing a shirt like as though I just entered a wet T-shirt contest. =.=

really is damn zeeeeeee.

If there was a world record for weirdest occurrence of bird shit incident, I think I’ll be the one holding it.

4 times man. 4 times!


Posted by on December 18, 2008 in Happenings


2 responses to “Bird shit and me

  1. brennan

    December 25, 2008 at 11:15 PM

    You are damn lucky. Got take down time, then buy 4D number?

  2. Khaos

    December 25, 2008 at 11:36 PM

    got. bo tio lei. haiz


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