Windsor Hotel & Ben&Jerry’s MUDfest

07 Dec

Yesterday went Windsor Hotel eat some teochew porridge buffet that channel 8 or donnoe isit channel U got review about.

JJ said ever since the place got reviewed, that place machiam become a goldmine like that; people queue up just to try and dig for gold. So we were clever of course, and decided to make a reservation. and heng we did, cause really, it was like a goldmine; we inside eating for 2 hours, the queue all the way no stop.


The dishes are of course for eating with porridge one la, so there are some tau gua, tau pok, tau gee, cabbage, pickles, peanuts, hey bi AND MY FAV, KONG BA.

there are also some dishes, like mutton, prawns and beehoon for those who don’t like to eat porridge too.

JJ and dumb

JJ is tulan at dumb for acting like a fool.


I find quek to be sibei photogenic for some reason. and oh yes, he treat us to the meal btw. We made a pact among ourselves, whoever starts working, their first pay must use to treat the rest. Leslie already treated, now quek. left JJ and dumb and me. I have a feeling i am the last one. hoho. oh yeah btw, quek, for some reason, only ate the porridge, pickles, salted veggie, peanuts and 2 fried fishes. donnoe why but he just say he didn’t feel like eating others.

gay boy

Gay boy eat gay things. lol sorry about the quality. my hp is gona chui already. zzz

JJ is stabbing

My BF was the first to go chiong for the food. look at him, can’t wait to start eating. CHIONG AH!! hahaha


It’s 10.80+ or ++ if im not wrong, but aiya. 12.70nett per pax la.

All I can say is, the food is just so-so, only like the peanuts and salted veggies are nice. the rest is just…. normal food? it’s just the price that makes it worth it. and oh yes, service also abit slow. cups disappear damn fast, yet comes back damn slowly. zzz

So to sum it up, go because your pocket no money due to the recession but you just feel like eating buffet.

Next up, Today’s Ben & Jerry’s CHUNKFEST! Or should I say MUDfest?


why? cause it was held at Fort canning green, and it RAINED! and THERE WERE MUD ALLLLL OVER THE FREAKING PLACE!

not to mention the weather was so hot and humid after the rain i was sweating bukkits!

Add to the fact that the organisers were so stupid as to place one big ice cream booth instead of a number of individual booths for ice creams, and hence resulting in a very very very LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG queue and making us sian 1/2 just looking at it and ended up not buying,

the whole thing was just…..  MEH.

Even the vermonster eating contest was boring, cause everything ended in under 10 mins!? lol damn fucking fast eaters man. (I think the winner finish the whole bucket in under 4mins?!)

We left early cause really, just cannot tahan the heat and the lack of ice creams and decided to head to The Cathay as they have a Ben and Jerry’s outlet there, but it just so happens that everybody had the same thinking too, and end up there was also a long queue there. -.-

so just go Swenson at PS and ate some not really filling dinner and desserts. after that go walk walk and went home.

now, im here, hungry like fuck.


ok la at least it was fun with the company i was with.

Over and out!

UPDATE: wah i really like this photo of myself.  lol


Thanks to Krisandro and his l33tz0|2 photography skillz. (This is the cropped one, original can be seen on facebook)


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4 responses to “Windsor Hotel & Ben&Jerry’s MUDfest

  1. krisandro

    December 7, 2008 at 1:52 AM

    Mudfest really sucked. They r gonna get really bad reviews everywhere!

  2. fajima

    December 7, 2008 at 3:20 AM

    YAH totally. mudfest sucked. i was crazy enough to go and QUEUE IN THE RAIN. i got soaked man. god.

    and at least price the ice cream lower la! it’s a damn festival, everything so expensive for what sia! horrible horrible.

    i rather buy a tub of cookie dough and sit at home.


  3. Khaos

    December 7, 2008 at 3:48 AM

    @Krisandro, well it’s their first time holding this carnival, so i shall be nice and stop at this blog post. lol

    @jurlique, oh you went tooooo? hiya never come say hi! zzz

  4. jurlique

    December 7, 2008 at 12:50 PM

    LOL i didnt know you went and theres soooo many people! xD


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