The one that is closest, yet strangest.

28 Nov

Guess who. Haha I’m talking about your lao pehs and lao bus

I mean have you really thought about things like who they were last time, their social circle, what they did, their personalities and etc before?

Could they be the cheebye in class who like to backstab people?

Or the charming angel that participates in whatever volunteer work they could get their hands on?

I mean, just take yourself as an example, I’m sure you more or less know who and what sort of person you are, so do you think you will let your children understand you as a ‘friend’ more than a ‘authoritarian figure’?

Which brings me to today’s topic, see, for friends, you must really understand them for you to actually be open with them, but for family members, that’s not the case, even though most of you know NUTS about your parent’s life, they are still considered the closest to you.

you noe, i really want to noe what kinda person my parents were when they were teens, and what sort of friends they have/had. but strangely, there is like this weird ass force preventing me from initiating the conversation. I won’t call it laziness. Rather, something along the line of inappropriateness. Must have been the fact that the line was already drawn long long ago. oh well.

I think it’s really a waste to keep everything about yourself locked up when you can pass it on to your next generation. hopefully i have lotsa interesting things to tell my children. lol

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Posted by on November 28, 2008 in Thoughts


One response to “The one that is closest, yet strangest.

  1. beckgiggs7

    November 29, 2008 at 5:57 PM

    indirectly i have asked my parents this kinda of question before. but of cos they will never give u a direct answer. it will usually start from a mild argument and i will usually shoot them like: “Then are you trying to say you young that time very obedient and listen to your parents everytime?!”

    Then usually will be I win already they will just shut up. Lol


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