17 Nov

You know, up till now I’ve only seen one case of people using packets of tissue paper to chope their seats, and I feel more amused than irked when I encountered it.


[Taken from yesterday’s Straits Times,16th Nov 08]

Anyway, Just want to say, yeah. It reallyis irritating when you yourself kena this kinda thing when you are trying to find a spot to sit down and have your lunch/dinner whatever. BUT! I perfectly understand the logic behind it and seriously have no qualms with people doing that, so I find it absurd when the newspaper started reporting on it and elites were using bombastic words to describe the situation.

Hey, it’s the rush hour man, people are trying to faster chop chop finish their food and quickly go up to the office to finish their work, and with so many people, how do u expect them to find a seat? to say that this sorta behavior is socially ungracious is a little bit too much imo. And they still say it’s much better to ask someone to chope the seat for them instead of a an item, which was to me, uber -.- when i read it.

(you noe, im starting to think that those who actually said all these boliao stuffs are those high power elites or executives that have NEVER EVAR stepped into a coffeeshop for more than 15 years/in their life.)

I mean, Whats the freaking diff? Ya telling me it’s rude to use an item to communicate with people??? meh. I seriously think that if you really feel offended just because someone use a packet of tissue paper to ‘tell’ you that the seat is choped, you should just go back to your cave and hide stay inside forever. sheesh

Seriously how anal can people get? And then there were some students who decided to use intrusive campaigns to ‘educate’ the people by placing their custom made tissue paper packets with the wordings, “This seat is YOURS!” (or something like that lar) on every table in a particular coffeeshop, which was to me, rather -.-

Though I do applaud them for trying to come out with the effort, but still, I tot it was a little bit too much, considering the fact that it was the rush hour and people were trying to find places to sit but could not due to the confusion.

Anyway, Please la, there are really more things that people should concentrate on rather than this, seeing as it is not so widespread and rampant.


[Taken from yesterday’s Straits Times,16th Nov 08]

(ok the beat seat one I find very 0.0, haha I tot it was a very age old practice that’s quite widely accepted? …DON’T YOU KNOW?!!? IF YOU DON’T BEAT! YOU MIGHT KENA HEMORRHOIDS LEI!!!!!)

One example, which I find someone should really do something about, is people hogging the seats after eating, whether is it to talk or study or do work, these people are the ones that should just get themselves buttraped as they think that just because they buy a bottle of plain water from the establishment, it gives them the right to own one chair, table and power point of their choice.

There are also countless other things people should look into when it comes to “eatery ethics”, and once again, I say that chopping of seats is seriously no big freaking deal, So stop it with the bombastic words and go out and do something more productive! like making babies! or preventing the non existent GW from worsening! or checking out on the next minibonds you’re gona buy!


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