Far Cry 2 Benchmarking

24 Oct

Nifty little thing!

Anyway, Far Cry 2 is out. played around with the built in Benchmark tool provided in the game and the results were not bad. Considering how beautiful everything looked and my com specs, which at best, can only be described as “decent”.

Took a few screenshots of the results to share with you guys, just to judge for yourself whether you’ll be able to run this game.

the benchmark was ran with the following setup:


and the benchmark was done with 4 ‘demos’,

1) Short ranch

2) Medium Ranch

3) Long Ranch

& 4) Demo Run

Each ran with 3 loops(3x) for a more ‘accurate’ result.

short just means less time and but the camera stays at one place longer, thus the details are more vivid n extended, long just means I had to entertain myself by dancing around like a chicken while the benchmark was running but the details weren’t really that extensive. Imo, Medium and Long doesn’t differ much. As for the Demo run, It’s just you in 1st person view causing some destruction to the environment, hence this is the one that gives you the most details and impact your framerates the most. (will upload this demo video later)

My com specs are:

Intel Core 2 duo E6750 2.67Ghz + Gigabye GA-P35-DS3

Patriot 2GB DDR2 800Mhz RAM

eVGA 8800GTS 320MB

LG L1952T @1024×768

SO here we GO!

First up,

Short Ranch

small loop 1

small loop 2 and 3

small loop average

Medium Ranch

med loop 1

med loop 2 and 3

med loop average

Long Ranch

long loop 1

long loop 2 and 3

long loop average

Demo Run

demo loop 1

demo loop 2 and 3

demo loop average

Some things that might affect framerates to a large extent includes fires and explosion, but as you can see overall it is still pretty playable with my specs.

So there you go, the benchmarks for the game. I haven’t really played the game yet so no comments there. Will play it tmr. Exhausted. (it’s 8am now and I haven’t sleep!)

Anyway, the video of the demo run, Just so you know, it was compressed frm the initial 156mb to about 5.12mb, thus the rather low quality. The original game itself is much more eye pleasing! Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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