Blardy HELL!

05 Oct

I practically can’t access my WP dashboard. -.-

Really pek cek. Starting starting ok one lei, don’t know why suddenly cannot. It has been like this for the past month or so, maybe 10% of the time I can magically access, but most of the time it just stuck there loading like a slice of chee cheong fun!


The only reason why i am still able to brog is because of Windows Live Writer.

And THIS problem is definitely affecting my frequency of blogging too. Coupled with the fact that for this 8months or so my life has been OH SO FUCKING BORING!

Its totally the ingredients for a dead blog!

omg man, ever since last sem’s holidays I’ve been rotting like mad. ok actually is got things to do, but it’s just those kinda boring mundane things that is seriously seriously seriously pissing me off.

I mean, start of last sem hols I’ve been doing nothing except working my boring job and burning my brain.

and when school reopened, SIP was sucky, a few interesting things on the train, but still fucking sucky. then after the fighting incident went back school to rot, and it was sucky too.

Then nua for 2 weeks at home during hols, boring!

Then served my sentence for 3 weeks, and AGAIN! FUCKING BORING!

and now back to old job. which is.. TA-DA! boring again……………….


you noe i am not whining, when i say boring, its like REALLY BORING as in NOTHING TO DO AT ALL. nothing that makes my brain go on overdrive! AS A MATTER OF FACT! my brain has been on hiatus since last sem was over!

and you noe what’s worse? today i went back and my boss told me the company was cutting down on workers due to some station being under-used. which meant they have enough people and I, as a ‘sub’, obviously will become obsolete.

So that MEANS! I will be rotting once i finish my day tmr……………………… maybe sat and sun will nid people, but confirm weekdays is enough people liao lor.

HO MY GOD MAN! my brain is so dead it’s already experiencing a fuckin’ headache, probably decomposition setting in.

OH MAN! I’m going stupid! I KNOW IT!


which is why i’m considering learning the piano.

*abrupt silence followed by gasping*


ok just crapping, i mean, I’ve always liked how a piano’s tune sound and the types of music unique to a piano.. but… I doubt I’ll be THAT motivated to really go and take up piano.

and seriously, ah beng play piano????????? no i cannot imagine.

but…. maybe if i have someone to accompany, lotsa free time and spare cash, i might.

i may even get a piano too. HAHAHAHA!

hey, for some reason the tot of learning the piano kinda perked me up alil.. hoho

haizzzzzzzzz sleeping time, tmr working my ‘last’ day.


PS: I want to change my blog skin!!!!! ^#%^&&^*^* WORDPRESS!

**EDIT: ok managed to access again! wtf this is so weird. well theme changed, shall keep it for awhile and see whether i can get used to it. overandout

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