Lousy sales assistant and I GOT ME SOME CANS!

01 Oct

So I wanted to get some cans long time ago, but was waiting for ah gong to give money before striking.

JJ just so happened to get his one last Sunday. a Wireless Creative CB2530.

Although online reviews claims that this headphone is lousy for some reason, me, duck and gay felt otherwise lei. it was very goot lor, especially the bass.(JJ still felt it was not very powerful, which i just think he’s mad for saying that, or ears spoil la, whatever)

I wanted to get it too, but I didn’t wanna copycat so decided to look for alternatives.

Did some research and went out to test the Koss Porta Pro and Grado SR60 at Adelphi.

Couldn’t find the Koss Porta Pro but did manage to test out the grado one, but the design was OPENED! meaning outside noise will leak in. good quality nevertheless, but i didn’t really like.

So….. head down to funan for KFC meal first. 3 piece chicken! and since darn lazy already, decided to execute the previous plan of getting JJ’s headphone at MS. Sales people told me not available but can call to help me check. told me PS(which jj bought his from) still had one last one left.

which was weird since JJ got his ‘last one’ on sunday. maybe it was the fact that the headphones had a major price slash(U.P. $219, NOW $129) hence very fast run out?? or maybe they are just chao keng-ing. whatever.

They say can reserve, so decided to ask them to do it as I die die want to get my headphones today. So after that just chiong down to PS as they were closing in 45mins time.

Reached there and was ‘served’ by this bo chup sales assistant. pretty. but darn bo chup, ask her questions regarding my zen x-fi(for fun) she will reply with sian 1/2 tone. then like darn reluctant to serve me oso.

My friend then decided, donnoe for what fuck, to ‘test the water’ by posing as a buyer of the LAST headphone i reserved. and what do ya noe? the sales assistant just gong gong went ahead and processed the payment.

So i just went up to her and asked her, do you noe this headphone is reserved? she gave me this sian 1/2 look again and said no. then proceeded to go back in and check, came out and said No again.

In my mind i just tot, ‘wtf?’ those MS people never call them isit?

then suddenly this dude came out from the back and was messing around with the cash register, I assume he was the manager as he was the FRIENDLIEST of the lot. (which comprised of the girl only actually -.-) He initiated a HI, and smile at me when i looked him in the eye lor. i think its quite obvious bah?

So I kept quiet, but the girl, even though she already went to the back, decided, for some unknown reason to ask the dude whether the headphone was actually reserved. He suddenly looked up, looking abit surprised and said YEAH! got.

and then i told him, in a very irritated tone, that i was the one. and my friend stick one leg in and asked why his staffs wasn’t informed?

he claims that he was very busy at the back and it was all his fault for not informing. and apologized to me for any inconvenience caused.

NOW THIS is what i called a good staff man. compared to the girl, this dude was WAY fucking better.

Creative, for some reason, just like to hire lousy employees.

I decided to let it rest, paid up and go. My other friend who went out later told me there was a commotion after we left. haha.

eh, pretty so what? don think pretty i cannot be mean hor. (actually my friend was meaner, wanted to file a complaint but aiya, so mafan for what?)

anyway, here’s some pics:

Creative CB2530

full package

full package  - opened

cans batt

dongle batt

Uses two triple A batts for the cans, and 1 for the dongle.

Overall a goot hoot! NICE BASS! BOOM BOOM BOOM! and no more tangled wires! WOOT!

$129 at Creative, Black no more, only White.

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Posted by on October 1, 2008 in Happenings, Shopping


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