Office politics

24 Sep

yeah tons. i noe. i don hate them, i don love them either. I stay FARRR FARR FARRRR away from them. To the best I can.

its just impossible to avoid them, they are here to stay, period. whether you like it or not. I backstab you, you backstab me. Thats what ‘WE’ do, survival of the fittest man.

For me personally, I avoid conflicts as much as possible, so I try to sit on the fence for as long as I can until I’m able to find a clique that suits me the best through observation. This has its downside though, people might see me as being unapproachable and unfriendly, but meh, my life-long aim isn’t exactly making tons of friends while I work you know? and even if i do stay in a clique, I won’t really exactly side anybody still. a little biased maybe. But I’m just not build to be ENTIRELY biased. *shrug*

But seriously, for this kinda scenario sitting on the fence can be very risky. you are essentially right in the middle of the crossfire; while people can’t ‘shoot’ you intentionally, the chances of you getting hit by a stray(or tons of them) bullet ain’t exactly ‘low’ on the stab-o-meter either.

I got hit a couple of times, but meh. I still try to avoid such senseless conflicts as I really have more better things to do, like earning money. So even though i might show you my unhappiness, i won’t really make it difficult for you, or anybody for that matter.

But thats not the purpose of this post today.

Just want to say of all office personalities, the one I hate most are those kind who like to win you over by bad-mouthing other people.

I don’t like to be ‘brain-washed’, and I’m not a naive young boy. I noe you no better than I noe the rest, so what makes you think I would even trust anything you say?

and yes, in case you still don’t get it. today I tio one. pfft.


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Posted by on September 24, 2008 in Work


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