List of things to buy.

24 Sep

Yes just a gentle reminder to myself

1) Mouspad

MY RAZERRRRRRRR Mantis!!!! I washed it and hung it out to dry, but the kiap kiap was lousy and snapped, resulting in the mousepad falling to its death! By the time I realized it and look down in the hope of spotting my mousepad, all I saw was the lousy kiap kiap. 😦 haiz

2) Specs

Not really sure want to buy or not. Since I’m going in army soon. I shall think about it.

3) New collection for my wardrobe

Yeah. need to replenish stocks. abit of dry.

…..hmmm for some reason I thought I had ALOT of things to buy, but I just can’t think of any more? it’s either don’t have or I totally cannot think now.

Ok shall just leave it.

Anyways, I AM DARN HAPPY! Cause I managed to get a book from my SCHOOL’S Library that I cannot find anywhere else!

This book is quite old, and I doubt many people know much about it but I just tot, you noe? since its a school library, I’m sure not much people borrow books from there, and hence the chances of the book being available AND not damaged could be higher. So just went and try luck, and waddaya know! weee

As a matter of fact, I found ALOT of books that I want to read but couldn’t cause it just keeps getting loaned out at my local library!  too bad it’s abit leh chey to return the  books (Having hols) so I didn’t borrow much.

Their limit is quite generous lei, 15 books lor! Read until I go ki siao! The same can be said of their loaning process, although not in a similar context.

Sibei mafan, have to tap your card, assign your pin and etc etc. wah. heng i only borrowed two. ^^

**EDIT: YES I WANT TO BUY HEADPHONES ALSO! I just remembered. preferably with retractable wires. weeeee

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Posted by on September 24, 2008 in Happenings, Random-ness


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