Yeah I noe I noe.

12 Sep

ok i said i’ll be posting up some pics of my SPORE gains a few days back, but aiya i lazy la.

I am preoccupied with House M.D. now. I love House’s misanthropic character. hoho i will post it up some day, but definitely not soon; my new site is 95% up already! woophheE!

aye, to be fair I shall give a short summarization of this game..

It’s really very easy to play, the first 3 stages. It’s only until the 4th stage you will actually feel that it starts getting more… interesting. that is if u enjoy the idea of zooming around in a spaceship and exploring space.

Since I’ve said that the first 3 stages are really very elementary, i shall not foucs on them, rather i would like to concentrate on the space stage.

For one, I personally find it a interesting concept, but the execution nids some fine tuning. I don’t know really, but i just feel its damn unfair that the enemy can attack you with fleets and yet you only have one lousy spaceship(and 3 pansy allies, MAX). I mean yeah, u can upgrade it to be super powerful. but you noe, its like… tsk. I just don’t like the fact that it’s ‘unbalanced’. Especially so when u try and attack a colony at the start of the game. that’s like asking for a deathwish really. its not about the difficulty in that but rather the consequences you will face later. its irritating how hostile races will attack u like no tomorrow; it really hinders your chances of exploring when u have to go back and defend the colony when u just move like 2 steps away. very irritating.

Of course there are two ways to fix this, one is either modifiying the rates of attacks or downloading some mod someone over at gamefaqs created, the other is just ignoring it altogether, if your defenses are good and/or u have a super turret, it’s easy. but there is also a chance they will conquer your planet.

its much better if EA could do their freaking job and release a freaking patch soon.

moving on, yeah i just feel it needs more cowbells, and probably be a bit more challenging.

And yes, I know what all the fanboys are saying right now, ‘BUT THIS IS FOR CASUAL GAMERS!!!!!!! YOU HATER! DIE!’

YES YES! I know I shouldn’t have been that impulsive and should have researched more into this game in regards to the challenge. but seriously, give me The Sims or SPORE, and I’ll choose The Sims anytime. 🙂

Part of me just blames EA: Lets compare SPORE to a chicken. EA as the butcher. you’re suppose to buy a chicken. but instead the butcher tells you u only can get the chicken’s body first and ask you to come back a few months later to get the drum, then a few months, the thighs, the wings and etc.

the bottomline is, this game is NOT for everyone, despite the fact the ESRB gave it a ‘E’.

Get it if you really enjoy REALLY REALLY easy gameplay and/or ‘you are god!’ gameplay and noe u can make your money worth.

DO NOT get this game if you want a challenge. this game does not respect your intelligence, despite the game’s subliminal message.

For me, I enjoy this game, to a certain extent. the non-existent challenge is kinda putting me off. (lotsa spaceship attacks is NOT a challenge, it’s irritance!) hopefully the expansion can do something about this.

(PS: shit you! cannot upload pics! hohohoho looks like i have a valid excuse not to upload any pics today! rofl)


Posted by on September 12, 2008 in Thoughts


2 responses to “Yeah I noe I noe.

  1. beckgiggs7

    September 13, 2008 at 11:15 AM

    yes after reading, u have successfully convinced me not to play spore anymore. back to rome total war! weeee

  2. Khaos

    September 17, 2008 at 11:03 PM

    lol i am so l33t! *thumbs up*


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