The most rubbish thing i ever did.

05 Sep

ok ask me what was the most rubbish thing i ever did.

Quick. Ask.



The most rubbish thing I ever did was actually allowing a mosquito larva to grow into a.. mosquito. (DUH)

I actually found the bugger in my basin, in one of the water droplets. I seriously have no idea how it ended up there. All i remembered was me waking up to go brush my teeth and then suddenly i just saw this black dot wriggling in the water droplet. My dad said it could be the egg was laid in the water tank on the roof and it hatch and got flushed down when we turned on the tap.. hmm. possible.

(better think twice the next time u drink uncooked water you lazy ass!)

So the really boliao me went and scoop it up and place it in one of those sour plum bottles filled with water.

IIRC, the larva was already at it’s third stage of shedding(mosquito larvae goes through 4 stages before turning into pupae) cause I’m sure if it was only the first stage, i shouldn’t be able to see it, and furthermore it only took it about 1 to 2 days to turn into a pupae. Very interesting at that point in time really, since in general, pupaes are dormant, but for the mosquito’s case, they are quite active. I shake the bottle abit they will  jump around. wohoho

So it was another day or two, IIRC, before it turned into a full fledged mosquito. woke up saw it ‘standing’ on the water.

think think think.

Went outside open the cap and let it fly away.

Bo pian I’m a very benelovent man.

All this happened when i was about 12 or 13 years old i think. interesting stuffs. You know? for a very long time I have not been bitten by mosquitoes already.. Maybe perhaps the one I set free was the QUEEN back then and she laid down an eternal edict that THOU SHALL NOT BITE HAMSUM MAN?

..or maybe it could just be my hairiness la.

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