The Google Chrome!(beta) – A review

03 Sep

Google’s web browser has just been released… in beta.

So here you go, a small little review I did out of absolut boredom. -.-

After downloading and installing, Google Chrome will prompt you to import settings from FF/IE and ask whether you want to make it your default browser. Once you fire it up, you will see that it is quite minimalistic and simple in design:

google chrome intro

(Click to enlarge – for this and all other pics from now on)

You’d have noticed that for Google chrome, they don’t use a loading bar like FF or IE, instead they choose to show you a little box like this:

google chrome - loading bar

It actually flashes on and off quite fast so I have to really be quick with my fingers. Luckily, the above website shown is notorious for ‘being so slow, chow yun fat on a wheelchair can beat it in a race’ & hence gave me lotsa chances to take a good SS.

Personally, I still prefer the loading bar..

Ctrl + T opens a new tab, as always.

google chrome 2

Typing something in the URL box will auto-complete the webpage Chrome assumes you want to go(based on your browsing history) and a drop down box will appear showing you the rest of the urls you’ve typed. You’re even able to search via the URL box, darn coolio!

A few features shall be discussed(some in brief) in this little review,

google chrome 1

Note that the above pic is the GOOGLE CHROME HOMEPAGE, and will appear by default when you open the browser, pretty nifty.

Lets start, shall we?

A) The ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ icon

Once you click on it, you see:

google chrome options click1

The way you click it and all looks very IE, while the options are seems to resemble FF. Most of the usual stuffs are here, so no complaints. Click on the ‘Options’ and you’ll get:

google chrome options-basics

‘On Startup>Open the following pages’ is quite cool for people who do not know that | lets you create multiple homepages.

google chrome options-Minor tweaks

Minor Tweaks tab has REALLY VERY minor options. well it’s in beta so shall not say much. On to the last tab!

google chrome options-Underdahood

google chrome options-underdahood2

The first option, ‘General’, I don’t really quite get why it says that. Since I don’t recall seeing any options to ‘open certain file types automatically’, much less choose to allow it in the first place.

Google Gears is inside. how cool!

B) ‘Control the current page’ icon

I dub it the ‘Chrome Treasure box’. A few nifty options are available here.

controlcurrentpage - incognito window

Clicking on it opens a window:

google chrome - incognito window

(click to enlarge)

Pretty Nifty, no?

Clicking on ‘Create Application shortcuts…’ will bring up this:

google chrome - apps shortcut

For my case, I created it on my Desktop,

google chrome - apps shortcut 2

double clicking it,

google chrome - apps shortcut 3

will open up this ‘app page’ showing you the webpage you made an app of.

I assume this is good for people who tend to just want to go to a certain web page but don’t want to open their browser. or perhaps there are some things under the hood that makes this better than opening a browser? *shrug*

Clicking on ‘Find in page’ will bring up a little box for you to search the webpage ya currently on. I know this is available practically anywhere just by using the hotkey ‘Ctrl + F’ but Google makes the box in a, to me, interesting way:

google chrome -  find in page


C) ‘Searches’

google chrome - searches

What’s cool about searches is that it not only searches for a the webpage itself, it also search for any keywords in the webpage! It’s quite useful if you have forgotten what is the exact name of the webpage, but that also makes it abit tad messy and hence you have to be quite specific in your search words in order to not get multiple results.

google chrome search2

Clicking on show all histories on google chrome’s homepage, in the options, or just by pressing ‘ctrl + H’ will bring you this:

google chrome - show all history

D) ‘Most Visited’

Something like Firefox’s. Except it’s not hidding in one corner and there’s even snapshots of the webpage for you in case you don’t remember what website it is or etc.

google chrome - most visited

LOL broken image for photobucket. lame.

That’s pretty much it.


The only qualm I have is the absence of a homepage button.

Though I must say the minimalistic design might suit people who go for this sorta thing. And that also makes it a little tad faster in loading. (plus other factors)

The rest of the good points about this browser are pretty techie and full of geek-o-rama, hence I shall direct you to google chrome’s homepage or Wiki for the details.

For me, I’ll stick with Firefox for now.

The END!

PS: a lil’ google web comic created by Scott McCloud, here.


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2 responses to “The Google Chrome!(beta) – A review

  1. krisandro

    September 3, 2008 at 10:14 AM

    Becuz you loaded the most awesome blog in the world. I give this review…. FIVE STARS!!!

  2. Sham

    September 3, 2008 at 10:15 AM

    i agree. kris page takes an awfully blardy long time to load.


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