26 Aug

I’m typing this with my head in a 45 degree angle. Seriously I’m so tired I don’t even feel like lifting my freaking head up.

Today’s events are as follows,

9am: Go clock in in school, go home nua.

10.10am: My gay bud called to inform me his stupid PC played them; ask them go back then tell them don’t need can go home liao, hence early release. (seriously, WTF is wrong with JC boys in the army? I’m not saying ALL are… to put it nicely, weird; but most are. But… I shall just leave it as that incase one of those bigoted fools decides to lambast my blog with their upper crass engrand rebukes.)

11.30am: Met up and go Hospital as gay bud’s back is giving him some problems. He say there’s this internal itch that’s very irritating.

Reached at about 12+pm: Waited and Surprisingly it was very fast! 1 hour everything done. last time I went with friend we had to wait 5 hours! WTF

1.15pm: Ate at Eastpoint Istanbul, I had Kebab chicken with fragrant yellow rice, JJ had Beef Bomb. Overall, it was nice, but the vegetables was really overkill. I’ve NEVER eaten so much veggie in my life! Sibei healthy.

2.30pm: Thinking of where to go but absolutely had no idea! Only know Simei got many many zhar bos to beo. I mean all along I know. Is just I’m sharing it today. Then, me suggested going Bedok Princess for show. I don’t really sappork SG movies but since We really had nothing to do and one tix only costs $5 at Princess, I suggested Money No Enough 2.

The only thing I find nice in the show is just some of the candid scenes in it. The whole plot, whatever whatever just doesn’t entice or impress me. Overall, I will just say this $5 is wasted. I have and never will like SG movies.

(Before we went to check the timeslot for the show, I usedmy l33t psychic skillz to predict that the earliest timeslot was 3.15pm, went there and BOOM! really was 3.15pm! YAY! I R L33TZ)

5.15pm: Go school clock out, rain rain raining. Duck msged and asked to meet dinner. Agreed and rendezvous at 6.30pm

6.25pm: JJ went shoeshop buy shoe. Duck called and complained he had reached. Went there and Gay Boy reached shortly after, Went Eastlink Mall for some fried meatballs noodles.

7.30pm – 9.15pm: Went walkings, Gay boy wanted to buy a stove, JJ left at 8.10pm, Quek recce for wallets. Gay boy bought over the counter stomach flu meds, Went home.

Reached home and Me Dad showed me this mop that he bought downstairs, Very powderful! You twist the handle and the… ‘hairs’ on the mop will twist itself! hence squeezing all teh water out!

I noe i suaku, up till now, I’ve been using a plain old cloth la.

Another thing that totally got the gears in my brain rolling was sport science on central @10pm

I mean I do know there must be some studies and analysis going on regarding how things work and so on, but i didn’t know they were so in-depth!

Seriously, HOW MUCH really do SOME people know?

‘Knowledge is Power, and Power is a scary thing for people without it.’

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