Krazy – Pitbull ft Lil’ Jon

21 Aug

hmm this song is not bad to me, but still subjective as people who emphasize on lyrics might not like it. I mean all the way is just krazy krazy krazy! quite kukuly senseless.

but i still like. wohohohoho!

On a totally unrelated note,

tsk… Writer’s block this month it seems. Can’t think of anything interesting to write. Maybe it’s because of the mundane life I’m having right now; basically stucking in school doing nothing. as in… really NOTHING. OTOT you want to go home sleep also can those kinda nothing.

Perhaps I’m subconsciously affected by this whole ordeal? I’m old already you know? No time to waste.


Sometimes I feel that I’m quite oblivious to my own behavior, to the point of being naive really. Positively, that gives me a really happy outlook.

But it really is whacking the heck out of me inside. but then again, how can you tackle a problem when you don’t even know where it stems from?

Someone pass me a pack of 6’s.

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Posted by on August 21, 2008 in Random-ness, Thoughts


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