PSP rave! (Wtf?)

19 Aug

Ali baba!!!!!!!!!! So many months never blog. been busy playing Rome Total War and Plurk.

Rome is such a fun game, but the economy and management aspects is abit tad complicated. I’m in the process of reading all the guides I can find and practising most of what I’ve learned(that i can remember) in the tutorial. But I just have this feeling that the tutorial is mightily unbalanced for some reason. *shrug*

I shall move over to Imperial Campaign the next time I play and see whether it’s just the fox in me talking.

(Putting unit scale to HUGE really makes things shit fun! but it’s so messy at the same time.)

So today, I shall introduce a PSP game,

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

It’s actually a RPG + Bejeweled sorta game. You start of by choosing a sex, job class and name for your character. Which job class you take up determines your stats and the skills you use. Basically, the workings of this is pretty much generic to all ‘create-a-character”s, so I shall not elaborate too much.

After creating your character, you are presented with a map, a few locations are revealed and more will appear as you advance and/or complete quests. There is a fix route your character(s) can travel on and this route can sometimes be blocked by enemies and the above screenshot is what you get when you start a battle.

Victory is very simple in the battle, use skills and chain skulls to damage your enemies. There are 4 types of mana in this game; green, red, yellow and blue. Chain their respective colors to increase yoru mana amount.

What characters you make determines the skills and your mana color alignment. So choose wisely! I’m using a magician now as I just feel that this game favors magician more. but it’s really your call. (I seldom use magicians in RPG, I’m normally either balanced or tanker.)

There are also other features that adds to the fun too, one being the ability to capture enemies to learn their skills. The rest, just go play and explore yourself.

Why is this game fun?

What beats bejeweled? Bejeweled with the ability to fry your enemies to a charcoal crisp!!

I’m sure fi you find Bejeweled addictive, this game WILL make your battery spoil faster. hahaha

Why does this game suck?

Glaring bugs.

1) Your companions are suppose to help you, but they are broken so nothing happens. (they normally add bonuses or damage your enemies once in a battle)

2) Certain skills overloads your PSP!!!!!!! sigh. the limitation of the PSP…

3) I myself have not encounter this yet, but I heard over at Gamefaqs, your game will hang if you learn too much enemy abilities. There seems to be a certain limit but I forgot how many.

Well that’s pretty much it, apart from some of the crazy bugs this game has, it’s not really game breaking or whatever, you just have to avoid certain things and live with others.

Oh yesssss! I’ve managed to find another what seems like a fun PSP game, shall ‘acquire’ it when I get home today. (No! it’s not James Bond)

Yggdra Union

How in the bala you prononuce it?  “Gah-dra’??? whatever.

PS: Star Ocean First Departure and Second Evolution!!!!

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