09 Aug

Ok. Movie Mania! I have 35 movies at the back waiting to get their asses on the frontline.

This week, I’ve finished Hancock, Wanted, Gladiator,Dan In Real Life, The Bank Job and Meet Dave.. ONLY. and as mentioned previously, I still have sheet tons of movies to finish watching, but that’s a different matter altogether.

Shall give a brief runthrough of the movies I’ve watch and my opinions.

(Gladiator’s review was done previously, so we shall skip that. and do pardon me if this is not as in-depth as Gladiator’s, too much movies, too little time!)

First we start with THE awesome show, Hancock


Aite, basically it just tells the story of this relunctant hero, called “John Hancock”(which isn’t even his real name), living in town, boozing around and “fighting crime”. He is sorta like those kinda renegade hero; not giving a damn about anything, and I mean ANYTHING.. in his “QUEST” to fight crime.

Of course with this sorta attitude, it is surely to garner unhappiness from the citizens. It’s like.. pardon me for the bad metaphor,

“Breaking the whole dam just to water a single tree.”

and on came along this dude he rescued who so happened to be a ‘PR’ man.

He offered Hancock a chance to change the citizen’s opinions of him, and Hancock decides to take up the offer…


My views:

It’s really a action comedy imo, and I really like his ‘anti-hero’ attitude. plus he is so goddamn cool! I really like this show. as in really. I mean how many super hero can stuff one’s head up the other’s ass?!

ALTHOUGH Hancock’s history and the part about “Made for each other”, “Two become one” and all this is just plain… crap to me.

It’s a classic case of strong beginning, ‘dog-ate-the-last-few-pages-of-my-script’ ending.
Still, a pretty awesome show to catch if you like those renegade sorta hero, action, humor, the such. I personally love it. (ok I know I said that previously)

Final Score: 4/5 (Story and Plot really really matters to me, I wanted to give it a 3.5, but ok lar, Will smith so yandao so add 0.5, HAHAHAHA)

Next movie, Dan in Real Life


Dan in real life speaks of this ‘expert’ parenting advisor named… Dan, who lost his wife and had to single handedly raised up 3 young daughters.

It’s a drama comedy btw.

So anyway, he went down to his parents hometown for some sort of gathering with the WHOLE family tree, and it was there he met this lady which he felt a connection to, and was really interested in her.

It was only later that he found out that actually this lady was there for the gathering too; as one of his brother’s girlfriend.

*cringe for tensed moment* (god i’m so gay)

The beef of the movie just shows you how both of them(mostly Dan) deals with this situation.

/End Spoilers

My views:

I’ve always find Dramas/lovey dovey show extremely boring and stupid, and never really gave them a chance. So for God knows what reason I decided to catch Dan in real life.

Whatever it is, I don’t regret it. Dan in real life is funny, entertaining and interesting.

and… i really donnoe what else to say? It IS a drama, I can’t really say much. okok. Steve Carell’s acting was good in this. 🙂

Final Score: 3.5/5 (I still feel I’m not really suited to watch shows such as this, in other words, this scores are biased, wahahahahaha)

3rd nice movie I’ve watched, Wanted (I’ll keep this short and sweet)


some old fart belonging in this group died, this kid, who apparently is depicted as a ‘loser’ was contacted by the group. Kid was told old fart who died was his father and he shall be trained to be an assassin. The thing about this group is that they specializes in assassination as they have this ability to so called ‘slow’ things down and make themselves more super precise and accurate.

So off he goes to train.. to fight the bugger who killed his father. (or so he thinks)


My Views

This show is so exaggerated, you tell me a monkey could talk and I won’t be surprised. seriously, it is THAT exaggerated.

SUPER DUPER ACTUALLY! I mean.. freaking curving bullets?!!?!?! shooting someone from 10,000m away with dead on accuracy?????





…ok the last one ISN’T that exaggerating if you were to think about it..

With that said.. I LIKE this show to bits!

so darn awesome! the bullets, the shooting, the fighting, everything man! it is so cool. Story was nice too, surprisingly, since action movies don’t tend to have nice stories.

Though the ending was A LIL’ BIT weak. just a lil’.

worth watch if ya a big fan of senseless action!

Final score: 3.5/5 (Story could have been better, needs better acting and ending! Angelina’s butt = INSTANT WIN!)

The bank job

The bank job is based on a real story.. sorta. And since I’m gona provide you the link to the true story, I might as well add the link to the story of this movie and the true story together,


My views

ermmmmm.. interesting show, but not much action. talk talk talk talk talk talk, then final scene is just use abit of ingenuity to get their asses off the stove.

Really nothing much I can talk about, about this show. it really is just rob a bank, talk talk talk, use brain use brain, run away scot free.

The end?

3/5 (so-so only)

Meet dave


baiscally there are this group of super intelligent tiny(as in 5cm tall tiny) ‘humans’ who are facing a energy crisis back home and needs to somesort ‘destroy earth’ in order to save it.

There were no regrets whatsoever since they were highly trained to ignore feelings and felt that humans deserves to be extinct. so they sent a orb that functions as a ‘water sucker’ and zoom it to earth only to have it go off course and have it land in some kids room.

so now they send their best and their ‘ship’ to earth in an attempt to manually trigger and activate it.


My views

Story was a bit lame and weak, but the funny was there. Eddie Murphy never fails to make me laugh! ending was all too cliche though.

Final score: 3.5/5

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