On my Command – Unleash Hell!

06 Aug

3,000 years never do movie reviews already, so shall shake off the dust and do it today.

Movie to review today,

Yes! Old school show! some-sort ‘introduced’ to it by JJ. steal from his com actually. haha

Eh. So let’s start with scores.

Rotten tomatoes gave it 77% (Reviews Counted: 150 Fresh: 115  Rotten:35 Average Rating: 7/10)

IMDB gave it 8.3/10 (202,689 votes)

Ok.. lets start with the story,

Do note that I try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but in such situations, it’s hard not to reveal anything non-spoiler-ish. So if you really DON’T WANT any spoilers in any form, then skip it. 🙂

Gladiator, set in Ancient Rome, details the Life of a General, Maximus.


Basically he was asked to rule Rome instead of the Emperor’s Son, Commodus. This pissed off Commodus when he heard of the news from his father, so he keeled him and some sort “betrayed” Maximus by ordering his execution and killing his wife and son.

Maximus escaped but was badly exhausted upon reaching his hometown, he lose consciousness and was captured by slave traders. Sold off to Proximo, the head of a local gladiator school, Maximus fought his way to popularity.

Commodus, in an attempt to hide the problems eating into Rome and give the Citizens a false sense of satisfaction, organised 150 days of gladiator games.

Proximo was invited to participate, and Maximus was given a chance to exact his revenge….


My views on:


I particularly like gladiator battles, hence I chose to watch this show. Didn’t regret watching it as the battles were quite exciting and gory! yes! many many blood is good! hahaha

The mention of Maximus private life, and the general mentioning of the afterlife was also quite.. interesting for me. don’t really know why but I just feel that way.

I got the extended version of the show btw, so perhaps that was why I did find the show a bit too draggy at some point. If only the battles in the show were proportionate to the talking in the show, I would have enjoyed the movie even more. But well I guess that’s why it’s called the ‘extended’ version? haha


Impressive casts of Characters, good acting all round, Proximo especially.

Scenes, CGI, if any

The CGI effects in this show were also not bad. I liked how they depicted large scale scenes, like for eg. the coliseum.

Scenes were shot at beautiful locations, I particularly liked the place Maximus home was in.


Words does not do the music and songs in this movie any justice, it is definitely worth watching just to listen to them. It totally sets the mood, especially during the last part, just makes me feel the ending was excellent! (Y)


Definitely worth a watch if you enjoy action, gore, blood, Romans and a little bit of politics. But do take note of some draggy scenes if you choose to get the extended version. But then again, there won’t be that much blood and gore were you to get the cut one, would it? 😉


Additional Reads:

Oliver Reed – The one who acted as Proximo, passed away due to a heart attack while filming the show halfway. darn sad 😦

Pollice verso – Jean-Léon Gérôme – Director Ridley Scott was influenced greatly by this painting. I personally like it considerably.

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