Richman Online Closed beta

02 Aug

lol i a have  asiasoft passport years ago during my ITE days when all my friends were siao-on maple. So I just joined in the fun but seriously speaking, this sorta game is just not for me so I quitted within a month and never touch that account again.

Woke up today and checked my email. Playpark sent me one asking me to join a closed beta of their “new” game, Richman Online

Initially, I wanted to try. But I can 100% confirm say I play 3 times I will just sian.

And since I see no mention of the code being non-transferrable, I shall offer it up to the first person who leaves a comment here.

Guys, I want $5 in return.

Girls, Give me either your msn or hp no.


..rubbish, I’m just kidding, I’m offering it for FREE lar. SO HURRY UP AND LEAVE A COMMENT!

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Posted by on August 2, 2008 in Hear ye


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