Amazing Stickman Flash Battle!

23 Jul

Vodpod videos no longer available.
This is just a the video of the actual flash ‘movie’, taken from [here]

Actually the website above is also the Flash movie’s author’s forum, and the main purpose of this forum is to build up a community where people learn about and/or display their/share interesting flash creations. Good for wasting time if you enjoy Stickman animations and R able to properly navigate through all the threads.

Speaking of which, for those of you who understand mandarin, try reading what was actually posted at the above link. Slightly amusing I would say.

Anyways the actual Flash movie is over here. (it may take awhile to load, and this is one heck of a big flash, so expect lag if ya com is < average)

Now you may be asking what’s so special about this animation? Well once the Flash finishes its loading, you would be able to see shit load of Chinese words with hot-key like descriptions.

If ya don’t understand or your mandarin didn’t make it pass primary school education, you can either go experiment with the buttons yourself, or… I translate for you. Out of utter boliao-ness of course!

Q – Quality
S – Sound
Left Arrow Key – Rewind
Right Arrow Key – Fast forward
Up Arrow key – Speed up
Down Arrow Key – Slow down
1,2,3,4 – Camera Angle

Basically THAT’s what really interesting about the flash animation; the ability to control the camera and speed of the ‘movie’. Not saying the fight scenes were not cool. I mean, I may be boliao, but messing with the speed and angle over something that doesn’t move is way out of my caliber already. meh.

And that’s pretty much it. Although I did find this particular website useful if you own fuel consuming personal transport(s).


I can’t really say whether the prices are accurate as I don’t own anything that needs to be fed petrol. But IMO, I would find it pretty useful should it be accurate and I have my own personal transport.

PS: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I AM CHIN SIANZ! tmr off! Friday work, Saturday off! Sunday work… -.-


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