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22 Jul

Robin Thicke Ft. Freeway

So I was reading something that caught my eyes,

8 Insane Nuclear Explosions

Personally I feel that the word ‘insane’ is unecessary, but that’s not the point. what’s really interesting about this post is all the photos and detailed descriptions the blog author provides. Rather intriguing I would say.

I particularly like this photo very much!

image via [here] Click for more!

These shots were taken July 3, 1970, by the French army in the Fangataufa atoll. Codenamed Canopus, it yielded 914 kt. Although this picture, like many of the series, is a work of the French Army (as far as I know) this is an original scan from a hardcopy, as processed to remove dust and scratches.

Seriously, I know myself, I know there are things that I wouldn’t do even if you point a gun at my head, and there are some things I think about doing everyday.

Pushing the button belongs to the latter. Seriously, I won’t mind, give me a chance and I’d prove it.

Anyways, I donnoe how lar, but while browsing through that website I managed to find something related to LHC, which in turn, bought me to Angels & Demons.

lol. nothing much, just providing some interesting reads and ‘fyi’s’, in case like me you are wasting your life away at some stupid place with nothing to do at all.

Speaking of which,

Installing Flash Player Plugin on Firefox without having Administrator Access or Premissions

Useful! 😉

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