A review on the Zen X-fi (8GB)

19 Jul

alright the Zen X-fi. I just woke up, hence I don’t have the mood to post long long stories. so lets just chop chop shall we?

Overall look and feel

On first look, it’s pretty metallic, but holding and touching it just gives you a ‘half metallic, half plastick’ feel.

Buttons are kinda plastic. but it’s still acceptable.

Weight wise, EXCELLENT! It’s very light imho! I love it!

Anyways I’m not one who emphasizes much on aesthetics, so… lets move on.

The X-Fi

All I can say is I prefer it to be off. The X-Fi only works well on songs that are of good quality, clear and not too loud by default.

Should you turn on the X-Fi on songs with good bass, too loud and not of good quality, it will become extremely distorted. And it doesn’t help when More than half the songs I listen to are songs with good bass.

My advice to you is just to get a good earphones and forget the X-Fi. UNLESS you like to blast your songs through it’s speaker.

I’m not well-versed in the study of PMP players, so I’m not sure if song qualities are determined bt the player or the earphones you use(apart from the song quality itself) but i’m very satisfied with the $79 earphones they gave.(again i can’t be bothered to remember it’s name.)


Navigations are so-so. But it’s best to find something much better than the silicon case for your zen. It makes the button very unresponsive and you really have to use your fingernails to push it, hard.

One complain though, is that the ‘manual’ they provide is extremely brief. you really have to do alot of trial and error in order to figure out some of the functions of the Zen X-Fi, especially that ‘Add to selected’ option. Although I know it adds songs to the ‘Now playing’ list. I still do not understand why it is called ‘Add to Selected’??

Another thing I gotta complain about is one of the ‘DJ’ option, named ‘Random Play all’ If I remember corrightly.

Even though it says ‘PLAY ALL’, I found out that there are still are couple of songs not added into the list! Up till now I still donnoe why.

Adding Playlist is a chore too if you don’t use the Creative Centrale!! Grrr my k810i’s playlist creation is WAY better.

Final Verdict: You’d most probably get frustrated when ya first start navigating around, especially when the manual doesn’t explain much. But take ya time, there’s really nothing too complicating.


Excellent! Screen resolution is good. color is vibrant. Though some people might frown when they watch movies.. since the screen is just 2.5″ if IIRC. But I have no qualms.


Excellent Speaker. Loud and clear. definitely much better than those Handphones’ ones.

Files Transfer

What I really like about Creative Mp3s’ are their ability to transfer file just by dragging and dropping. But I was kinda disappointed when they don’t recognise folders and group your songs accordingly anymore. (my last creative mp3 was a Muvo TX Fm), and throw all songs into one list. But I did gave The Creative Centrale a shot.. so..

All I can say is, forget it. Do not even bother. Just use winamp or wmp to organise your library. This freaking program is way too slow and too buggy, hanged on me 2 times!

For me personally, I don’t organise my library cause I find it too anal and troublesome, so the only reason i installed it was to try out their video converter. And boy, does it suck.

Way too slow!!!! and its extremely selective as to what it converts. I have TONS of movies on my com, but it only detected 8!

What really gave me question marks was it claims to convert “MJPEG, WMV9, MPEG4-SP3, DivX3 4/5 and XviD3” , but the problem is… When I first try adding a AVI, it told me the audio format was not supported, and then next when i tried a DivX file, it totally doesn’t detect anything!!!

Really really confusing, especially when I’m no codecs expert and… well you noe, movies you ‘acquire’ via the net.. they tend to be very customized… hehe

took me quite a while to find a program to play files that the Zen can actually read. I won’t say it’s the BEST, but meh, I’m not gona complain. as long as it works, im happy.


Final Verdict: ditch CC, just use their excellent drag and drop function and AlltoAvi should you need to convert your movies.

(Do remember to remove brackets from Mandarin songs in Wma format!!! For some reason when a song has this sorta ID tag, alot of things are unable to read it!)

Radio and Voice Recorder and Etc.

Radio is kinda glitchy for some reason!!!!!!! Either that or I donnoe how to properly utilize it. I shall experiment with it more before continuing. Just so you know, My X-Fi hanged once while playing around with the radio!

As for voice recorder.. Never try, so no verdict.

oh yeah! If ya utilizing the SD card, there is a option for you to engage it in the menus. you can’t do it just by pluggin it into your com. Go search around, it’s easy to spot. This is just fyi.

Final of the Final Verdict

I’m just gona give a very frank and direct opinion of the Zen X-fi.

Get it because it’s new. Get it because it’s red cliff limited edtion. get it because you think it looks nice! Get it for it’s SD card slot. Get it for it’s vibrant color! Get it for it’s Speakers! Get it for the $79 earphones! Get it for it’s reasonable price! Get it for tons of reasons!

just don’t get it for it’s X-Fi. Seriously, it’s pointless.

Somthing Extra

For the 16GB/32GB with WiFi function, my friend has one. He told me that the WiFi is only meant for Streaming and synchronising music/files and Instant messaging.(the buttons are so gona kill you.)

There is NO Browser support and ya can’t really install anything.

So yeah.

End of Review//

Save and quit? Y/N

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