Yes. Obey your Desire. (Creative Zen X-Fi)

18 Jul

Lol. I finally got my Creative Zen X-Fi today.

If you guys have been following me you should know my dilemma involving getting a 8GB one or 16GB one.

End up Mr Save Money King ah quek saicoed me and said 8GB is enough, which of course I oso agree, since i updates my songs darn fast and i don really like to hear old songs too much.

Anyways, I found out the WiFi can only be used for streaming and msn-ing, no browser capabilities whatsoever, and anyways, typing on msn using keypad like buttons is teh sucks. so yeah. The reason why i got a 8GB one.

Actually hor, I’ve also played with the idea of getting the Samsung Omnia. Since I think that time singtel promo selling it for 468, and quek did offer me a deal which would significantly lower the price by at least 200, so why not?

Ended up i called SingTel(WHICH AFTER COUNTLESS CALLING AND A TOTAL OF 20MINS WORTH OF WAITING TIME!!!!!!) told me that the promo was over.. and the price right now was $798!

PLUS! Because my Dad uses the ultimate of the ultimate low plan, an additional $100 must be added to all 2 years plan price, making the Samsung Omnia mine for a staggering amount of $898!!!!!!!!!

double-eu tee eff?! crazy shit!! Of course no money to buy. So ok settled just get Creative Zen X-fi, mai tu liao!

(I can only sign under my dad’s line cause Mine is still under contract, just fyi)

Ok so right now! it is the time you guys have been waiting for! PICTUREEEE GALOREEEE!!! (or isit glory? bah)

Please take note that my beloved k810i was charging, hence all peeks was taken with my super old samsung Digimax 420 Digicam.

Seriously this cam suck dickson like mad. You will noe why soon enough!


erm, the paper bag? lol


yes. Total damage was about SGD 286.xx something something. alot of things right?! yeah i noe. I shall introduce them one by one.

x fi

First up the X-Fi (SGD 229, 8GB),

Let me just say don’t believe whatever you see in photos and adverts, although i quite like the design, I am just gona name the most glaring flaw that is imo, erm.. very glaring.

THE TEXTURE/FEEL OF THE BUTTONS DARN PLASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

one and only flaw as of now. (Still haven testing anything inside cause initial charging 8 hours cannot play punk. 😦 )

On the other hand, even though it may look darn heavy due to the metallic ‘look’, it is actually.. quite light! which i really like! even though i noe it may be because of the quality.

Screen resolution and color depth, based on the demo the sales girl(nice lady) presented.. not bad. quite vibrant imo. Didn’t had chance to test the earphones though.

Moving on,

x fi case inside

It includes the in-ear… erm.. ‘plugs’ of varying sizes, manual, accessories brochure, Driver disk for people with 3000 year old com, the x fi and $79 earphones which i suddenly forgot the model name.

ANDDDDDD notice the blardy transfer cable / usb charger. NABEI! SO FREAKING SHORT!!!!!!! I mean I have front USB ports on my com lar. but…. wah liew. longer is better what!

LET ME JUST SAY THE POWERPOINT CHARGER IS SOLD SEPERATELY. BUT! if you get this Zen X-fi, the charger can be yours for only SGD 10! Which of course, I bought… I am strongly against USB charging as it is too time consuming and kills my batt faster. (my opinions)



Moving on,

silicon case

Apparently I think I am the FIRST guy to get this Zen X-Fi Silicon Case over at their retail shop(to play safe, Marina Square Retail shop. HAHAHA), because the X-Fi itself was only available to all their retail shops on 16th july. Hence their accessories were still in the process of ‘shipping’, the lady told me initially that I had to wait 1 week to get it, which made me hesitated.. but a random check by her revealed that the silicon case JUST ARRIVIED!


screen protector

Screen Protector, apparently drop price.. 3 pieces for SGD 12.90


You see, there are people who LOVE in-ear earphones, and they are those who absolutely find them fucking uncomfortable. I belong to the latter, hence I decided to get this since during the GSS, Creative is offering certain items at $15 should you spend $200 and above.

Play safe lar. I will try out the expensive $79 earphone first, if really cannot tolerate I will use this and sell that one away. CHEAP CHEAP! so do check back often! haha


The armband they gave. quite decent actually.


When I went there already don’t have. Wah liew, Website no put lor! how can like this?!

but actually… nvm lar. again i said i don really like to watch to be continued shows. but it’s free! WHO DOESN’T LIKE FREE THINGS!?

I was playing around with the zen, when i noticed that there was something inside the SD card slot (Yes expandable memory!!!! HAHAHAHA supports up to 16GB. if ya crazy enough to buy one) poke poke abit and this came out!

fake sd

how amusing! A fake SD card with the word ‘ZEN’ etched! HOHOHOHO never see before!

bubble wrap

have I ever told any of you how much I ❀ bubble wraps? NO MATTER WHAT I’M DOING AT THE MOMENT! once i see the bubble wrap i will just start to POP IT until there’s nothing left to pop!

It’s very fun ok! especially this high grade bubble wrap! Darn many air inside, I pop i can feel the air gushing out! ^_^

ohohoho ok i should stop in case people think I’m.. erm.. kuku. but seriously, apart from cats, nothing can make me as excited as seeing bubble wraps! SO KEEP YOURS SAFE WHENEVER I’M AROUND!

Ok the end for Creative Zen X-Fi. I can only try it out tmr. so see how lar, got mood i may do a short review.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say, while doing a demo over at the Creative shop, the display X-fi hanged. LOL but i shall keep an open mind. anyways there’s always the hard reset button!

Ok just some random photos for now..

emirates 5

emirates 3

Pin Badge thingy… given in appreciate of those who participated in the running of the Emirates Derby. πŸ™‚


ok lar. Thats all for today. I am very shagged already.

I still gotta upload my photos from my phone for my previous KFC post lor! sian.

HENG tmr 12.30pm work! nabei else I shure knn gone case like mad.


******//UPDATE! I forgot a couple of things!

Yes. 9 pieces, long zhong wa HOOT ka liao! (Everything I hoot!)

lol NOT NICE AT ALL! sucky shop selling sucky sushi. bah.

I actually forgot to say Im a member of Creative after making a purchase of more than SGD 200. Nothing much oso me thinks, except Creative might periodically set up promotions especially for members? anyways can also earn 5% rebate for use on next purchase! not bad!

I was just cleaning my phone today with my beloved moshi ipouch when i noticed something!!!!!!

THE LOGO!!!! IT DISAPPEARED!!! and i don’t even know where/what/how/when/why it happened! gan sad……. 😦

This peek was taken 3,000 years ago, when those dudes just pop-ed and we went to the now defunct Marina Bay Steamboat restaurant for.. celebration me thinks

Time flies, when i look at the photo it just look like it was a few weeks back.. ahhh

When it’s gona be my ORD?!?!

haha OK THATS ALL! byebye!

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