18 Jul

Alright, Continuing from the last quiz I took, I went back to the website and tried out some of the other quizzes they have.

What is your most favorite pet?

You are neat, clean and tidy. You don’t like to be pushed around and you won’t do something just because you’re expected to. You don’t live by the rules–you prefer to make up your own instead. If you are interested in an issue, you will find out more about it because you want to, not because you have been told to.

The first sentence I TOTALLY DON’T AGREE. The rest are spot on. NO prize for guessing which pet I chose.

Rings on Fingers

You are quitely confident and very responsible. You like to lead and can appear to be quite tough on the surface, but underneath is a gentle and sensitive character that enjoys the finer things of life.

LOL? Like that also can?! You can actually guess people’s personality just by guessing which finger(s) they like to put their rings on?? I am Amused!

What Type of Woman Does He Like?

Here is the analysis:

He’s the typical guy that you normally would see in today’s society, nothing too spectacular. In fact, you really have to concentrate in picking him out among the crowd. He’s also easy going, has a sophisticated taste. He isn’t boring or anything like that. Just that he would tend to be a little humble, has his own independent views, but keeps it to himself. If the situation requires, he can step forward and really make an impression on others.

The woman of his dream must not be the helpless lady type or too conservative, but must be a fighter with high perseverance. Women who are the fragile type or too ladylike are definitely not to his taste. She must be committed to overcome any obstacle in building up a family with him. Those from a rich family is definitely out. He prefers women whose fortune are self-made. This type of guy isn’t selfish at all, but a real social contributor one can say. Don’t worry, his requirements aren’t really that high, you may pass the test you know.

I think this quiz should be just done by the man himself. I mean as if the lady knows so much? and if say the lady really knows all the answers to the questions, then I doubt she’d need such a quiz to determine what sorta woman he likes.

What is this Picture? (Tells you what your wedding ceremony is going to be like)

You’ll just head to a registry office, get the signing of the forms over with and be off on your honeymoon as soon as you can.

I once told my dad I didn’t want to open table and invite many people. Just get everything officially done, chop chop go honeymoon. MAYBE can just set up one small ‘party’ and invite some close friends, that’s it.

My dad said cannot. ok lor…. lppl. BUT I AM JUST GONA SAY! NO SHARK FINS! Simply because 1) The way they extract the shark fins is cruel to the animal 2) Shark fins TOTALLY NO TASTE one! all the flavours and tastes comes from the ‘soup’ itself! So… whats the purpose??

So yeah.

(i am very amused a picture like this! with it’s crazy choice of selections! can predict a person’s choice of wedding ceremony.. I am very very amused)

Pick one

  1. Your future friend: You have a big sister confidence and leadership. So you friends are mostly vulnerable and always need your help. You can’t resist helping these people and eventually you all will become good friends.
  2. Your travel plan: You will travel to exotic countries like Tibet, India, Egypt. You enjoy visiting ancient ruins, lost woods and spending time in a hut in peaceful neighborhood.
  3. Your future financial status: You are very good at saving and sometimes you are even stingy. The reason you want your teeth to grow longer is because when you can’t eat, you can save even more on food. Once your money is deposited in the bank, there’s no way that you will withdraw it out just to spend on luxuries.
  4. The last period of your life: You like to be in an peaceful environment with your old woman. You get annoyed by the noise and turbulence caused by your grandchildren. They will even think of you as a mean person.

eh.. i think the part about finance is wrong… I’m completely the opposite. Other than that. ok ok lar.

The Eating Test

Here is the analysis:

You’ve made your way well in this world despite all the obstacles you’ve had to faced. You have survived a lot more troubles than most people. You have had to deal with difficult people, ridiculous rules, and tempestuous relationships.

Love for you can be as intense as the fire on the face of the sun. You are either very calm on the inside when there is a lot of insanity going on around you, or you shut people up and take charge. You can go to a movie by yourself. You are as comfortable alone as you are with others. You are angry at your parents but you can’t change them.

You are a great lover when you find that rare mate who is your equal, otherwise your relationships do not go well. Life is a roller coaster, and you are finding ways to make the good times better. You love sports.

MY JAW NEARLY DROPPED while reading all this.. until the last part it shut itself up so tight i felt vibrations. -.-


The Egg

The egg indicates your attitudes towards your relationships with others.

You expect so much from your relationships.

Ok lor. I agree I expect alot from my relationships, but I try to attain it by giving alot in the hope that she will do the same. And if she doesn’t, I get emo.

Yes. I’m a very you ‘reap what you sow’ person. To me there is no such thing as doing something for nothing. That’s just bullcrap. (:

Fountain of Emotion

The drawing of water springing out of the fountain tells something about emotions.

You have a strong masculine quality. If you want to annoy your loved one, you can just do it without hesitation. You are stubborn, faithful and frank. Sometimes, you laugh when you are not supposed to.

NOW THIS TEST IS CREEPY! I mean you have to draw your own fountain lor! how can things be as true as something you yourself took part in!? somemore so accurate! scary shit. (lol i like the last sentence, I’ve done that alot of times already. HAAHAHA)

A New Plant

This test indicates your attitudes towards your parents.

You feel grateful to your parents for bringing you up and making you a nice person.

I officially name this website the only website you should go if your want to do a accurate quiz. holy *beep!

Ice Cream Cone Test

Here is the analysis:

You are always willful and most of the time you are a stubborn person. However, you love to work with others and are quite honest, which makes you good to get along with as a friend or lover.

Hello, Mr quiz, I AM NOT ‘quite’ honest. I’m VERY VERY HONEST!

How attractive are you?


You are extremely attractive to the opposite sex. You are not only good looking but your personality is also charming in many ways.

You know how to get along with people and can allocate your time well. You are always popular among the opposite sex.

*ARHEM* *COUGH* *ARHEM* mrquiz,collectyourmoneylaterafterIpublishthispost *ARHEM* *COUGH* *ARHEM*

Why do you love someone?

Here is the reason:

You think he or she is a very smart one. You love his/her brain.

like that also can. WIN!

The Secret of the fourth coin

Here is the analysis:

Freedom is what you’re looking for. Sometimes, you dare to be bad. You like challenges.


What is your spending style

Your smart spending score: 60%

You are an average person. Your spending is in line with the amount of money you have. You would save when required and spend when necessary.

That literally translate to me being someone with no savings! (: lol

Crossing a River

Here is the analysis:

When it comes to finding a romantic partner, you don’t have any particular type in mind, but are inclined to look for someone who is likely to say “yes” if you ask them out.

There’s many way you can interpret this, for me personally, I think it’s true because I don’t like being rejected. (:

The Animal Test

  1. A kind of person you will be attracted to in a real life situation is obedient and warm.
  2. In the process of courtship, the approach that makes you feel irresistible is being creative, so you’re not bored.
  3. The impression you’d like to give to your lover is stylish.
  4. One reason that would make you break up with your partner is insecurity.
  5. The kind of relationship you’d like to build with your partner is a traditional one, where you communicate with your hearts.
  6. Would you commit adultery? Society and morality worry you. You wouldn’t do anything wrong after marriage.
  7. About marriage, you think marriage is a precious thing. Once you get married, you’ll treasure your partner very much.
  8. About love, at this moment, you are quite self-centered. You think of love as something you can get and trash anytime you want.

Everything is true, but point number 8 I STRONGLY AND MADLY DISAGREE WITH!! the only reason i chose that answer tat gave me that result was because it involves CATS!  lol.

Which animals do you like most

Here is how you prioritize certain aspects of your life.
More important matters come first on the list below:

  1. Love
  2. Money
  3. Pride
  4. Family
  5. Career

I think there are some points that are soooooo negligible to me it pushes others up and make them look like they’re more important to me… but seriously speaking i’m just a anything sorta guy. (:

Psychological Test

  • You have a complicated personality.
  • How ambitious you are depends on the height that you answered, which is: The top.
  • You try to please everyone, the size of this personality as seen by others is medium.
  • Wood means peaceful personality.
  • You are also down-to-earth.
  • You are an opportunist.
  • Your best friend is the one you need when you are in trouble.

All i can say is I see situations. not say everything i will do like that.

What kind of person are you?

Here is the analysis:

You are an outgoing and cheerful person. Although you get frustrated sometimes, you get through hard times easily and are joyful again.

Your friendly personality makes you attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex, but this makes your spouse feel insecure. Your lack of emotion is a disadvantage, but your candor has made you popular.

Friends of your gender find it hard to understand you because of your innocent thinking. But this is your advantage as it attracts members of the opposite sex who have the same personality as you.

No comments. I getting tired! lol

The pig

  1. You are a positive and optimistic person. You will also be a happy person.
  2. You are direct and know how to stay on course. You are confused when others complicate things that seem so clear to you.
  3. You are secure, stubborn, and stick to your ideals.
  4. The size of the ears indicates how good a listener you are. You got 3 out of 5.
  5. The length of the tail indicates the quality of your sex life. You got 1 out of 5.
  6. You are emotional and naive, you care little for details and are a risk-taker.

For point number 5, I really is bo wei gong? I mean who the hell notices a pig’s tail anyways?!

Ok lar ok lar my sex life very bad. no gf whattttttttttt!  ):

FINISH! Wow! As you can see I am very very bored. Those quizzes I posted here are those that I think are the most accurate. There are more of course, but those that I tried but didn’t post… not really very zhun.

Nevertheless, try at least a few!

ok.. back to ‘work’.

Today work till 9pm! WOHOOOOO! bah.


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2 responses to “QUIZ RAMPAGE!

  1. Jurlique

    July 18, 2008 at 7:17 PM

    Wah. I tried all these quizzes and my answers are roughly the same as yours.

    And the “You love sports” part..LOL i got that answer too and I certainly don’t love it!

  2. Khaos

    July 19, 2008 at 2:20 AM

    hahaha lol!

    Well, that’s online quizzes for you; not 100% accurate!

    Though I must say this particular website does have some nifty quizzes!


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