What I did yesterday

17 Jul

Yes, I shall write a post similiar to JJ. basically just recapping what the heck I did in a very monotonous and yet funny manner. (depends on your sense of humour)


yesterday woke up at 6.50am(Again I failed to make myself wake up latest 6.45am), went to brush teeth, bathe, change clothes and begin my journey to the west (or north west to be exact, I stay Bedok, my workplace kranji)

Reach there walk up this darn long uphill slope which i so damn like cause i just feel like I’ve ran 2.4km!!!(hahhaha)

and then from 8.30am to 12pm, I just did… things. ya noe? impt.. things. time consuming and stressing.. things……


12pm go eat.

1pm come back and continue doing.. things.

5.30pm shut down the printers(the one in charge of all this not here) and take train ride back to the east, wanted to go down bugis or tampines to whack some clothes, but decided against it as I need to punch holes in my belt (I’ve SLIMMED! WAHAHAHA)

reached Bedok, walk to the tailor, en route had to chio past KFC…. I really don’t want to eat one lor! but they have this super wohua new meal called the Variety Value Meal!

It includes..

1x Shroom burger

1x Chicken

2x this nuggets.. I forgot the exact name but the fillings include shrimp pieces and GARLIC! OMFG! I tell you this is the epitome of yummy-ness!!!! BELLY BELLY NICE! ALL MUST GO TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 whipped potato & drink


DARN wo hua.

Some things happen while in the queue but due to sensitivity issues, I shall not talk about it. I shall just say that i was pissed off with both those infront of me and the cashier for being so slow!

So continue on to the tailor and enquired whether they provide the service, the tailor said he did but he was too busy so… I HAD TO DO IT MYSELF!

watfuck? lol It’s my first time punching a hole in a belt, but I think I did quite a pretty damn good job! The tailor wasn’t very helpful though in explaining how it works, luckily his assistant was quite the contrary, kudos to her. great help.

(ignore the bear. seriously.)

Went home chomp chomp, felt super guilty but still damn lazy to go jog, so instead did something that was totally unrelated to the tummy; lifted irons. LOL seriously, if this continues next time I will just look like a very very close together ‘figure 8’. HAHAHAHA

in between chat chat abit with khakis.

and then started to chiong mass effect. This is the first time I’m playing an RPG without a guide. Partly because I have no time to read! and partly because… this game just gives me a ‘do not use guide’ feeling. weird.first time experiencing it.

Let me just say lor, free time is totally little like crazy. I reached home 7.15pm ytd, lifting irons, bathing chatting etc. alone took up 2 hours. 9.30pm then started to chiong Mass Effect. Mass Effect is a rpg ok! there’s darn big maps one ok?!

Play little bit only 2am liao. No choice have to go sleep.


The end.

PS: Fellow Office workers! Go [here] to waste some time! Try Gigolo Assassin too! It’s funneh. hahah

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