Charged: Man with obscene films in monk’s condo

16 Jul

Yes, update on the kuku dude who suay suay kena caught for possessing prawns:

A FOURTH man charged yesterday appeared to have nothing to do with the financial affairs of Ren Ci Hospital.

Pang Leong Chuan, 27, was charged with having 138 obscene and uncertified films.

He used to be the former personal assistant of monk Ming Yi, and was caught with most of the illegal films in an upscale apartment where the monk sometimes stayed.

Ming Yi is one of five listed owners of the apartment in The Cornwall, a condominium off Holland Road. Checks showed that the other owners included the Foo Hai Ch’an Monastery, where Ming Yi was the abbot.

Monastery staff were said to live in the fourth-floor unit, valued at about $2 million. Pang is believed to have lived there too.

Commercial Affairs Department officers confiscated 95 films at the apartment on Feb18, and another 43 from Pang’s listed address in Tampines.

A resident said three men, including Ming Yi, lived there. Others said they had seen him returning at night in a car with two men.

Pang, a university student, was the monk’s personal executive for more than a year.

No one was at his Tampines flat when The Straits Times checked yesterday. He is believed to have lived with his mother, though he was seldom home.

He faces six charges – four for possessing obscene films and two for having films uncertified for screening – and may be fined and jailed if found guilty.

He has engaged a lawyer.


Story taken from [The Straits Times]

hahahahahaha, i just cannot help but be amused by this dude lar. really is gan suay. and it’s not 70 like what the last report said, it’s 138!!!!!!!!!!

ROFL! I just find the amount ‘funnily staggering’ for some reason. Wonder how the heck he keeps all of them hidden?

…or maybe he doesn’t? bwhahahhahahaah!

Lucky I know how to use computer. Anyways moving on,

tsk tsk tsk. Regarding all this hoo-haa, I’ve longgggg longgg ago expected it, ever since people started paying attention to that monk’s dress sense and lifestyle, i already knew this dude was trouble.

My negative opinions of him were further reinforced when he rebuked those who criticized him with nosensensical logic; stating that a monk doesn’t have to live in mountains and chant in temples like those portrayed in movies.

Instantly I thought to myself after reading all his bullcrap: “Nabei, people now is not telling you to go chant in mountain, people now is questioning is it necessary for you to have this sort of lifestyle or not? I mean wear expensive watch lei, drive expensive cars lei, live big house lei, go nice cruise lei.”

AND let’s not forget the failed investments someone from HK repaid for him.

I mean, faced with such a scenario, you simply cannot ask me to NOT be suspicious of this dude and his way of handling money.

2nd time liao lor.

…I can’t wait for the next charity event on TV and see how they utterly phail.

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