Sony OR Creative?!

14 Jul

Actually right now I am just 80% sure I’m gona get the new Creative Zen X-Fi, but I am just bo liao at work and hence shall use blogging as an excuse to waste time.

(Pardon me for the poor pic quality, at work the computer is suck balls like crazy, even basic MS paint oso got problem. watfuck??)

Sony NWZ-A820 Series (Ugly name)

image via [here]

For the Sony one, it doesn’t really boost any ‘special’ features(apart from those signature to Sony), except for a 2.4″ LCD screen and built in bluetooth . (which imo, is really a very fancy(read:boliao) function for a mp3/4)

4GB – $299

16GB – $459

If you get the 4GB one, it comes bundled with a pair of BT headset, while the 16GB one comes with the 13.5EX headphones. *shrug* doesn’t really matter to me.

Moving on!

Creative Zen X-Fi (cool name!)

image via [here]

Built in speakers, X-Fi Fidelity and etc. Free Armband and a pair of red cliff movie tix.

(Tony and Takeshi each sold separately)

As you can see, both the price and the storage capacity is far more superior than the Sony one, hence I am just leaning more towards buying it.

But.. I’m still trying to figure out wah to do with the tixs, considering that I don’t quite like this sorta to be continued show.. hmmm

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