13 Jul

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Ok Let me just say this half-assed review was churned up after  only playing thru about 3/4 of the Greek campaign.. So I may be inaccurate in some places, but since I’m just gona be brief, chances of screwing up shouldn’t be high. (:

I’m currently playing this while I wait for my LOTR BFME to… ‘progress’ finish. NB. RoTWK(expansion) finished liao, BFME still at there slowpokes like crazy!

If you like to play Rise of Nations, Age of Mythology or Age of Empires.. then you would not be disappointed by this and as a matter of fact, I think this game is machiam the 3 of them combined together!

It’s a RTS game(build buildings, soldiers and chiong people etc. etc.) and like Rise of Nations and AOE, it allows player to move from ages to ages. But what really makes it unique is that the gameplay is rather slow, now this may seem like a negative point to some people, but to me i just think that it’s good as it allows you to immense into the whole ‘feel’ of the ages. Unlike RON, where you can just ZOOOOOOOoooM!!! darn fast thru each age and end up just building… whathatcalled?? erm.. multi-rockets-lanching-thingy-you-get-from-seige-factory. LOOL (sorry nong time no play)

Why slow you asked? simply because all your citizens gather resources like tortoises. lol

Another thing that i really like about this game is the fact that the map is freaking huge!!! (like RON, but in 3D) and from what I’ve experienced till now, not much units are overpowered, and even if there are, I doubt you can be able to mass spam them with those citizens working like snails.

By now you guys should already know I’m quite the turtler, since well, judging from the fact that i enjoy SLOW RTS games. So it pleases me to know that you can build WALLS in this game too! HO BOY!

And one last point that I really like is the fact that this game has insane pop caps! very fun~! I’m sure it must had been a hardware killer back in it’s prime. but now.. hohohoho

With that said, this game does have it’s con, but seriously all this are pretty minor so I’m just gona put it in point form,

  • Tearing quite chiat lat in this game, especially when the camera is in landscape mode. donnoe is what problem exactly
  • Graphics… yeah yeah I noe. this is a 2001 game, but.. ahahah like what ah dumb said, ‘cannot play too old game, wait com will go too fast and spoil!!!’ lol
  • Sometimes…. I have to admit, really is just TOO slow. I mean, like the last campaign I played. it took me about 3 hours to complete. wat the crazy shit! but all this really depends on your mood lar. I was busy ytd. lol
  • Some technical ‘how things work’ are quite complicating, up till now i still donnoe quite a few things. very sketchy really.

And thats about it! Do try it out if you enjoy playing RON, AOE and/or AOM. I recommend it.

Can’t wait to get to much more advanced ages! I prefer ‘tiu tiu lazers’ actually.. using spears and bows kinda suck. haha

Oh yeah, this is actually a trilogy, but I only got 1 and 2 cause 3 sucks(almost all prominent game reviews website gave it sucky scores). and judging from the looks of things, I think I’d nid like 3 more months before I can review 2. hahahahaha

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