As Promised

11 Jul

This post shall be full of photos.. abit of description will be included.

The following pics were taken while packing 800 gift bags for Ladies’s night 2 weeks ago. We were pretty much bored and I decided to rearrange the cb many like fuck nail polishes and nail polish removers to resemble certain events? well whatever it is, it’s very random..


David(s) Vs Goliath(s)


Young & Dangerous rofl?


And it’s a GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! girls, guess what formation this is! (HAHAHAHA I AM SOO SEXIST!)


Typical nail polishes. tsk.



Aftermath, the number of bags were more than that ok! 800 in total! too bad my k810 no wide lens. hahahahaha

Alright, moving on, went pubbing with Joo Seng last week, took only afew pics as we were just too busy drinking.



LADIES! let me introduce you to Eddie ONG! He ish BELLY BELLY yandao one hokays? And whats best, he’s single!

He prefers heart to heart talk and girls who plan to get married ASAP. HAHAHAHAHAHA!


Two Yandaos. Obviously very vulnerable when drunk. hahahahahahaha *meow~


less than 1 hour all gone.

Moving on, Ytd went out and met Melissa as We haven’t met each other for 5!!!! years!!! Buay pai, people already Singapore Girl already. lol

bought me to Geylang eat dim sum, too busy chatting and eating so pics very pathetic. only two.



1st pic, from left to right, clockwise. some fried fishy thingy, fried tofu skin inside got prawns and meat. xiao long bao. and glutinous rice wrapped in… whatever leaves those are. Last pic very easy to guess oso right? My FAV! YUMMMM!

absolutely delicious! Thanks Hon for the recommendation! 😉

As for today, at work, AGAIN need to pack gift bags for teh upcoming Emirates Derby. Giving out ‘limited edition’ toy bears.


250 of them. quite ugly imo. this is the cricket design bear, there are two more but i donnoe how to describe lar.

After work met up with JJ and Gang for walking, in the mood to spend, so went to this shop called what ‘Charles Stefano’? choose choose choose and got this!


Total Damage: $75

Actually the ring cost $85. but due to GSS, 10% discount, so became $76.50. Using my uber n00b negotiating skills, I managed to lower it down to $75, BUT NOT BEFORE the sales lady actually called her boss for approval.

lol. $1.50 oso so mafan. Oh well. at least the sales person was polite!

I ❤ my new ring!!!!! (:

ok. I need to go update my katty’s page liewwww!


PS: Oh yeah! GEKKKK! celebrated my belated bday on Monday too at TM Ajisen, But for some reason that one was just no pics. oh well. Thanks anyways GEK!

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